Poland has own anti-UAV system – 12.7mm MG, radar, laser rangefinder

WARSAW, ($1=4.03 Polish Zlotys) — At the end of 2021, the Polish Air Force tested an air defense system at its Central Range, designed specifically to counter small enemy UAVs and micro-drones. It took Poles about 4 years to develop such a system, recalls Bulgarian Military.com, citing Defense Express.

Poland has own anti-UAV system - 12.7mm MG, radar, rangefinder
Photo credit: YouTube

The development of this system lasted from 2018 to 2022. Designers and engineers from the Polish University of Military Technology and Zakłady Mechaniczne Tarnów were involved in the work. The complex consists of a multi-barrel machine gun WKLM caliber 12.7 mm, laser rangefinder, optoelectronic station, radar with a range of detection of targets up to 3.5 km, and the operator’s control station.

This complex can operate in three modes: manual control mode from the operator, “semi-automatic mode” and “automatic mode” [in which the operator only issues a command to fire].

Tests have shown that this complex is the most effective way to destroy small enemy UAVs using optoelectronic stations and thermal imagers. The most effective was the shooting of drones in the “automatic” mode.

Poland has own anti-UAV system - 12.7mm MG, radar, rangefinder
Photo credit: Defense Express

The Poles anticipate that they will also be able to use this complex to destroy enemy manpower or to destroy low-flying aircraft and enemy helicopters. The Poles also predict that this complex can be used not only as a means of air defense but also as a means of air defense for warships.

The first presentation of this Polish air defense destruction complex took place during the MSPO 2021 exhibition.


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