Morocco wants Varta APCs – 12.7mm MG and up to 6kg TNT armor

RABAT, ($1=9.38 Moroccan Dirham) — Rabat is working on the possible purchase from Ukraine of MRAP vehicles [resistant to mines and ambushes, according to these acronyms in English] model Varta 4×4, learned, citing InfoDefensa. This platform is manufactured by the Ukrainian company Armor.

Morocco wants Varta APCs - 12.7mm MG and up to 6kg TNT armor
Photo credit: Ukrainian Armor

The possible acquisition is gathered in information published by the Lebanese-based portal Tactical Report, which specializes in defense and security issues in the Middle East. It so happened that a Moroccan defense delegation visited the factory where these vehicles are manufactured in December 2020 and had the opportunity to attend a live demonstration of their capabilities. In addition, the SAV Novator was on display along with 60, 82, and 120 mm mortars and a 23 mm Z-23 AD anti-aircraft system, according to Army Recognition.

Varta is a 4×4 MRAP, entirely designed and developed by Ukrainian Armor. The manufacturer defines it as an armored personnel carrier [APC], “ideal for transporting soldiers in combat situations” and which can also be configured as a command post or vehicle for evacuation of troops.

The body of the car is made of specialized steel 560, capable of protecting the crew from armor-piercing incendiary ammunition up to 7.62 mm. Varta has a V-shaped hull construction to hold mine seats, thus providing protection for crew members to withstand detonation charges of up to 6 kilograms of TNT explosive.

17.5 tons

Warta includes a combat module equipped with a 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm machine gun. The vehicle is equipped with a dozen weapon positions around it and can hold a grenade launcher [a concept known by the acronym in English UBGL – grenade launcher].

A six-cylinder engine with 380 horsepower is responsible for moving 17.5 tons of the armored car, which is capable of transporting up to 8.15 tons. Its dimensions are eight meters long, 2.6 wide, and 3.6 high. It is capable of traveling at 100 kilometers per hour and can accommodate eight soldiers in addition to two crew members.

In recent years, Morocco has been in the process of renewing and, above all, modernizing the material and equipment of its armed forces, whose main suppliers are France and the United States, and which recently added Israel after normalization of relations. However, the country’s military strength, which has maintained remarkable differences with Algeria for several months, has fallen by several places in one year.


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