UGV mounted 30mm XM813 Bushmaster cannon fires point-detonate ammo

WASHINGTON — The United States is trying to offer mobility and firepower to counter the battlefield. That’s why Northrup mounts a 30 mm XM813 Bushmaster cannon on an unmanned ground vehicle that fires three types of programmable ammunition: air-burst, point-detonate, and point-detonate with delay fuze settings to defeat a variety of targets.

Mounted on UGV, 30mm Bushmaster cannon fires point-detonate ammo
Photo credit: Military Leak

XM813 has a caliber of 30×173 mm. This type of automatic weapon can be used to integrate into the three main weapon platforms – sea, air, and ground. XM813 is a product created according to the requirements of American weapons technology outside the United States. For the first time, this cannon was integrated into the Stryker of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, based in Germany. Following the successful performance of the cannon in Germany, Northrup Gruman signed an agreement with the US government to integrate the XM813 in the chain cannon into an additional combat team of the US Army Brigade.


The video distributed by Northrup Gruman about the tests of the XM813 automatic gun shows that it is mounted on the Expeditionary Modular Autonomous Vehicle-Medium Caliber Armament [EMAV-MCA]. This vehicle weighs 3,300 kg without weapons and can carry an additional payload of 3,500 kg. EMAV-MCA is a chain unmanned ground vehicle that is powered by a hybrid-electric engine. It works extremely quietly and has great mobility.

Mounted on UGV, 30mm Bushmaster cannon fires point-detonate ammo
Photo credit: Military Leak

EMAV-MCA can climb strong sloping surfaces on the battlefield – 60% plain slope and up to 40% lateral slope. The hull of the EMAV-MCA is quite narrow, but this is done intentionally so it is designed to be easily transported in V-22 and CH-47. The maximum speed that EMAV-MCA offers is 72 km / h.

A similar experiment between the two weapons systems opens many doors for EMAV-MCA to implement a wide range of missions such as intelligence, search and rescue missions, surveillance of buildings and infrastructure, border surveillance and transportation of goods, combat missions with weapons. mounted on UGV, as well as explosive ordnance disposal and demining.

More on programmable ammunition

The ammunition with which the XM813 automatic cannon fires is of the High Explosive Air Burst type – Tracer [HEAB-T], MK310. These are ammunition, which is characterized by airburst mode programmable in a single shot, full auto, or “String of Pearls” firing sequence. MK310 works on the principle of point detonation or point detonation delay.

Mounted on UGV, 30mm Bushmaster cannon fires point-detonate ammo
Photo credit: Wikipedia

MK310 is 290 mm long with a cartridge weight of 860 g and a projectile weight of 388 grams. The initial launch speed is 1090 M / sec and the chamber pressure is 345 MPa.


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