See Textron’s military cargo ship – 50 knots, landing site, AWS

WASHINGTON — The US company Textron Systems presented its computer model at SECAT – its latest solution in the field of military supplies and cargo transportation on the modern battlefield. SECAT stands for Surface Effect Cargo Amphibious Transport. Textron believes that SECAT can provide cargo services on the battlefield that traditional single-hull ships cannot.

See Textron's military cargo ship - 50 knots, landing site, AWS
Photo credit: Textron Systems

The SECAT computer model provides the following: the platform has a helicopter landing site, an autonomous weapon system, a radar system, and sufficient space for the transport of heavy armored vehicles and other military products, including soldiers. “This platform, based on SES technology, can deliver the advanced logistical capabilities required for Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations [EABO] & Distributed Maritime Operations [DMO],” the company said.

SECAT will transport loads up to 500 tons at a maximum speed of 50 knots on the high seas. The modern design, as well as the integrated Textron technology Surface Effect Ship [SES] technology, enable SECAT to transfer, load, or unload cargo in shallow and deep waters. Textron says this cargo platform is suitable for any transport operation of the US Navy or US Marines.

Important features of SECAT

SECAT is a surface vessel in the construction of which various technological solutions are used – aluminum hull, flexible gaskets for the nose and stern of the platform, installed airbags between the onboard hulls. According to naval engineers, such a design can provide the cargo platform with great maneuverability, speed, and very low resistance – all factors that determine cargo operations during hostilities.

Textron says SECAT’s design has another advantage – it is less susceptible to attacks by submarine torpedoes or submarines, as well as less susceptible to underwater mines.

Textron has integrated its command and control system – CUSV. This is a system that can transform the cargo platform depending on the situation during the mission. CUSV allows a seagoing vessel to easily perform reconnaissance, surveillance, or port security tasks. CUSV is a 4th generation command and control system.

CUSV is characterized by high durability and satellite communication system. CUSV is fully compliant with NATO standards and can operate as a joint architecture for unmanned systems [JAUS] and a coastal warship communication architecture [LCS]. CUSV is a system that allows SECAT to wage surface warfare and expeditionary warfare. CUSV has an integrated ISR package

“As focus shifts from land-based competitions to large sea-based operations, there is an increased capability requirement for executing expeditionary logistics at sea and ashore. SECAT is a modern solution for expeditionary warfare logistics,” said Textron Systems.


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