Undisclosed client tests Rafael’s next-gen Sky-Shield EA pods

TEL AVIV, ($1=3.17 Israeli Shekels) — A fighter of an undisclosed Israeli customer is testing the latest version of Sky-Shield Electronic Attack [EA] Pods, according to a post on the official Twitter account of the Israeli company Rafael. According to the tweet, Rafael has already completed the development and flight tests are currently underway.

“We have completed the development of the latest generation of the Sky-ShieldTrade mark sign family of Electronic Attack [EA] Pods. It’s now undergoing extensive flight trials on a 4.5 gen. Fighter aircraft for an undisclosed customer & will soon provide unprecedented capabilities,” Rafael said.

Sky Shield is a module that is part of the Israeli company’s overall solution to silence enemy weapons systems. Sky Shield works by engaging enemy radars and using countermeasures against them. This is done after the module covers the radar spectrum range from D band to KU Band and includes a digital interferometer signal detection system, a DRFM-based generator, and modular solid-state steering transmitters [ESAT] for jamming.

So far, Rafael is developing Sky Shield in two configurations with different weights – 350 kg and 700 kg. No information has been provided by the company as to whether the new next-generation Sky-Shield Electronic Attack [EA] Pod will be in one of the two available configurations, or will be an entirely new solution.

Rafael used a photo of the F-15 to announce the news. We can only guess whether the Sky Shield flight tests are really performed with this fighter, or it is just a randomly chosen illustrative tool for the tweet.

The compactness of the Sky Shield allows it to be integrated into a variety of aircraft – small, medium, or large combat aircraft. Sky Shield is a fully autonomous system that has a large database of played scenarios that the pilot of the aircraft can reprogram or select.


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