Japan expects improved AN/SPY-7 radar into its AEGIS weapon system

WASHINGTON — Japan should soon receive an improved version of Lockheed Martin’s radar AN/SPY-7[v]1, which radar to integrate into the AEGIS weapons system of its Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force [JMSDF], BulgarianMilitary.com has learned, citing a statement from the US manufacturer.

A few days ago, Lockheed Martin worked with U.S. Missile Defense Agency and the U.S. Navy Aegis Technical Representative demonstrated radar and its compatibility with AEGIS, assessing its ability to process the information needed to detect, track and intercept ballistic missile threats.

According to Joe DePietro, vice president and general manager of Naval Combat and Missile Defense Systems at Lockheed Martin, recent tests off the coast of Alaska have shown that the AN/SPY-7 radar is an excellent opportunity for the Navy to track long-range targets. DePietro believes that integrating AN/SPY-7 into the IJN’s AEGIS weapon system will ensure that Japan is protected from new threats.

The integration of AN/SPY-7 into the JMSDF will be done in real-time, say Lockheed Martin. Before that happens, however, the company must validate the hardware and software performance of the final item.

SPY-7 radar

The characteristics of the SPY-7 radar show that it is one of the most successful and effective radar means against all targets. This radar can be integrated into weapons systems by water, land, or air. According to Lockheed Martin, SPY-7 tracks multiple targets at the same time with great accuracy and long-distance. Compared to other radars, mostly mid-range, the SPY-7 has three times better performance.

The characteristic of SPY-7 is that its maintenance, such as repair or replacement of a spare part can be done while the radar is running, ie. its exclusion is not necessary at all. Another thing Lockheed Martin is proud of is that the SPY-7 can withstand hardware adjustments to specific purposes without the need to replace the hardware itself or make changes to hardware functionality.


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