6×6, 40mm gun, double turret: Jaguar goes to the French infantry

PARIS, ($1=0.89 Euros) — The 1st African Jaeger Regiment of the French Army will receive the first of 20 Jaguar EBRCs this month, BulgarianMilitary.com has learned, citing mil.in.ua. The unit will later be responsible for training new combat vehicles for French servicemen, Belgian military sources said.

6x6, 40mm gun, double turret: Jaguar goes to the French infantry
Photo credit: Reddit

Jaguar EBRC [Engin Blindé de Reconnaissance et de Combat] is a 6×6 wheeled reconnaissance combat vehicle developed by Nexter, Renault Trucks Defense, and Thales under the EBMR Scorpion program [Engin Blindé Multi-Roles] specifically for the French army infantry. These combat vehicles will replace the AMX-10RC, ERC-90 Sagaie, and VAB Hot.

Jaguar reconnaissance combat vehicle

Jaguar EBRC is equipped with a double turret 40 CTAS, armed with a single 40-mm CTC gun with a maximum range of 1500 meters. The rate of fire of the pistol is 200 shots per minute, aiming angle up to 45 degrees,

The tower is fully stabilized in two planes by GCE [Gun Control Equipment] stabilization systems that allow the machine to fire in motion. GCE includes propulsion motors, sensors, gyroscopes, accelerometers, and electronic control.

6x6, 40mm gun, double turret: Jaguar goes to the French infantry
Photo credit: Reddit

At the top of the tower, there is a combat module with remote control, which is armed with a 7.62 mm machine gun. The tower is also equipped with a double launcher of anti-tank missiles Missile Moyenne Portee, developed by the French company MBDA with a maximum range of 4000 m. From the front of each side of the tower are mounted four smoke grenade launchers.

The bumper of the machine is made according to STANAG 4569 standard of the 4th level, which protects against fire with armor-piercing bullets 14.5×114 mm, 155 mm fragments of artillery shells from a distance of 30 m, and explosion protection of 10 kg. TNT under the steering wheel.

Key features of Jaguar EBRC:

Length: 7.3 m,
Width: 3.0 m,
Height: 2.6 m,
Weight: 25 tons,
Engine: 500 hp,
Speed ​​on the highway up to 90 km / h,
Crew: 3 people.

In September 2020, the French Ministry of the Armed Forces ordered 42 Jaguar armored vehicles. In total, the French army should receive 300 Jaguars by 2030 as part of a major modernization of the country’s ground forces. By 2025, the delivery of 150 Jaguar combat reconnaissance vehicles is planned.


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