Russia unveiled new nuc-subs armed with Zircon, Caliber, air defense

MOSCOW, ($1=77.59 Russian Rubles) — The Russian navy has increased its naval arsenal and combat capability by acquiring three new submarines, two of which are nuclear, has learned, citing the state news agency TASS.

Top 5 best submarines in the world - Yasen class, Russia
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On January 20, 2022, TASS reported that at the end of last year, shortly before Christmas, the Russian Navy took into service the nuclear submarine project 885M Novosibirsk, the nuclear strategic submarine project 955A Prince Oleg and the diesel-electric submarine project 636.3 Magadan.

The 885M Novosibirsk submarine is of the Yasen-M class and is known to be a Russian multi-purpose nuclear submarine capable of carrying and launching 4th generation cruise missiles. It is equipped with 10 x 533 mm torpedoes that fire 30 self-guided and remote-controlled torpedoes. The Novosibirsk submarine is equipped with 8 supersonic Onyx anti-ship missiles, 8 scramjet-powered maneuvering anti-ship hypersonic cruise missile Zircon, and also 8 Kalibr cruise missiles. The submarine is also equipped with the Russian portable anti-aircraft missile system Igla-S.

The maximum speed of the Novosibirsk submarine underwater reaches 31 knots but is almost twice as slow on the surface – 16 knots. The crew consists of only 64 sailors, but the maximum depth of the submarine is 600 m, and its optimal working depth is 500 m.

Submarine 885M Novosibirsk also features big stealth, improved maneuvering systems, and advanced communications and sonars, the deputy defense minister specified.

The Knyaz Oleg submarine is of the Borey-A class. The Knyaz Oleg submarine is a 4th generation nuclear strategic submarine. On the surface, it develops a speed of 15 knots, while its speed underwater is 29 knots. The crew of the submarine consists of 107 people, who together with the submarine dive to a maximum depth of 480 m.

The submarine carries a total of several cruise and anti-ship missiles, but unlike the Novosibirsk submarine, Prince Oleg submarine has two torpedoes less, ie. eight. However, the submarine is armed with 16 submarine-launched ballistic missiles [SLBM] Bulava. As with the first submarine, this one is also equipped with the Russian Igla S portable anti-aircraft missile system.

According to the Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Alexei Krivoruchko, both newly acquired nuclear submarines are capable of launching missile strikes on strategically important military and industrial sites of the enemy.


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