GD’s LAV 700 armored vehicle fires Bayonet laser beam-riding missile

WASHINGTON – General Dynamics Land Systems and John Cockerill conducted a test to launch a bayonet rocket from an armored vehicle using the Cockerill 3030 turret, has learned, citing a tweet from Ronkainen’s profile.

GD's LAV 700 armored vehicle fired Bayonet laser beam-riding missile
Photo credit: Twitter

“A CMI’s Bayonet anti-tank missile was fired from General Dynamics Land Systems’ LAV 700 armored vehicle. Bayonet is a laser beam-riding anti-tank missile developed by John Cockerill. The launcher and its laser guidance system were mounted on the right of Cockerill 3030 turret” says Ronkainen in his tweet.

Bayonet missiles

Bayonet missiles are precision and highly striking anti-tank missiles. A bayonet missile is characterized by multiple explosions and serious penetrating ability. They are especially dangerous when combined with AM warheads, as they almost always cause two explosions: a primary explosion and a subsequent explosion.

They are suitable for targeting and destroying enemy weapon systems located densely in a narrowly grouped space. But bayonet missiles also have drawbacks, such as the fact that they perform better over long distances, which means that if fired at close range, the damage will not be great. Also, the maximum range of bayonet missiles is too low to fight longer-range weapons such as vector torpedoes and arc missiles.

It is not clear from LRonkainen’s announcement when exactly the test was conducted. reminds us that bayonet missiles are not a new technology, but are outdated, even a second-generation missile. Nowadays, the replacement of bayonet missiles to F&F, FO&U of the 5th generation with integrated passive sensors.

Cockerill 3030 turret

On the other hand, the LAV 700 is a modern armored vehicle developed and manufactured by General Dynamics. It has modern digital architecture, control systems, surveillance systems. The LAV 700 is powered by Caterpillar’s twin-turbo engine and brakes with disc brakes. It has a seven-speed automatic transmission. It can move at a speed of 110 km / h and carry about 11 tons of payload.

GD's LAV 700 armored vehicle fired Bayonet laser beam-riding missile
Photo credit: John Cockerill

The use of this armored vehicle together with a bayonet launcher attached to the Cockerill 3030 turret could mean an upcoming sale of a similar configuration to a customer. Bayonet missiles are generally widespread, and even experts suggest that many countries have thousands of them in stock.

However, the tested missile was developed by John Cockerill, which may also mean certification, so that this missile, together with the company’s turret, can be included in the General Dynamics portfolio.

Therefore, the choice of the Cockerill 3030 turret may not be accidental, as this platform is famous for its innovative modular concept, flexibility, and the ability to integrate weapons systems of different calibers – from automatic 25 mm, 30 mm, 30/40 mm, 35 mm and 50 mm cannons, up to 90 and 105 mm direct fire cannons.


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