Who is the secret tactical US ‘attritable UAV’ with a demon name?

WASHINGTON – Involuntarily or not, it turns out that the American company for the development and production of drones Kratos has revealed the existence of a secret program for a new type of unmanned aerial vehicles, BulgarianMilitary.com has learned, citing information from The Drive.

Who is the secret tactical US 'attritable UAV' with a demon name?
Photo credit: The Drive

It is about the drone program Demogorgon about which there is still almost no information. The secret program was revealed during a presentation to investors, which was to convince them of the benefits of investing in the future tactical aircraft program.

Demogorgon is generally a name often used in pop culture and refers to demons and deities directly related to underground life and the occult. However, Demogorgon is also used in fantasy films.

Demogorgon will cost about $ 8 million according to the company’s presentation slide, with Kratos guaranteeing 50 units a year. Demogorgon will have much better performance and characteristics, as the price of 8 million USD is the highest for the production of a tactical drone, surpassing the last jewel of the American unmanned industry – Valkyrie.

According to sources, the stealth design of Demogorgon includes a simple swept wing and a wide-splayed v-tail. It is assumed that the new tactical “tool” of the US military will be equipped with perhaps next-generation sensors, analyzing the statement of Steve Fendley, the President of Kratos’s Unmanned Systems Division. “There’s certainly the possibility of having an attritable aircraft carry an exquisite sensor,” he says.

If we delve deeper into past statements by leading figures from the American company, we can find guidelines for an even clearer visualization of the alleged capabilities of Demogorgon. U.S. experts suggest that this drone could be an extremely modular conventional UAS for takeoff and landing, equipped not only with sensors but also with weapon systems. At least something like that was mentioned by the company in October last year.

We can even assume that Kratos would follow the line of its design innovation and how UTAP-22 to integrate into Demogorgon sensors or a whole system of infrared search and tracking [IRST], which system can counteract the absorbing technology of enemy radars. Such a statement will not be new, nor is it an exception, as IRST systems of various land, sea or aircraft have been intensively tested in recent months.

We should not rule out the possibility of integrating the most modern radar today – AESA.

Demogorgon may receive a budget for the fiscal year 2023. This information has not been confirmed but is based on a statement by Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall in December 2021. “I have two (unmanned aerial vehicles) that I will have in the budget for the 23rd in some form,” Kendall told Politico.

If Demogorgon is part of this budget, then Kendall’s next statement seems to provide much more information on how and where Demogorgon will operate. “Both are unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned platforms designed to work in conjunction with fighter jets such as [the next generation Air Dominance aircraft] or the F-22 or F-35. On the other hand, they work in conjunction with bombers such as B-21Q,” he said.

Whether Demogorgon will find its development in the future – only time will tell. As we said – the drone was unveiled during a presentation to investors, which only shows that the company is seriously developing with new technologies its portfolio in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles.


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