Stealth mast and next-gen optocouplers for German-Norwegian subs

BERLIN, ($1=0.88 Euros) – German sensor company Hensoldt will be responsible for supplying fully digital optronic sensors on the six future submarines ordered by Norway and Germany, learned, citing InfoDefensa.

The division that deals with this type of system in the company have just received an order valued at more than 50 million euros from the consortium that deals with the future U212 CD, made up of the German company ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems [TKMS], Atlas Elektronik, which is currently part of the former, and the Norwegian semi-public firm Kongsberg.

The order comprises six assemblies, consisting of an OMS 150 optronic mast system, an OMS 300, and an i360°OS panoramic surveillance system, for each of six submarines ordered by the Norwegian and German navies. The winning bidder explains in a statement that with this “double optronic mast solution, customers opted for the technological leap from the conventional and traditional direct view of a periscope system to a digital system solution that fully penetrates the hull.”

In the words of the managing director of Hensoldt Optronics, Andreas Hülle, “this combination provides new submarines with a sensor package that combines the highest detection capabilities, even in poor visibility conditions, with a high degree of automation, which improves significantly the ability of ships to act and survive”.

This is the first time that the OMS 150 and the OMS 300 have been combined, according to the note, which specifies that the former, “in its multispectral version, will be used as an optronic search and surveillance mast”. While the OMS 300 Stealth optronic mast “assumes the so-called attack function”. The latter is described by its developers as a system “difficult to detect visually and by radar, which significantly increases the safety of the crews.” Together, this multispectral optronic equipment provides the crew with the best visibility in all light and weather conditions, as well as a very wide range of operations.

The new German-Norwegian subs

The design of the new German-Norwegian ships will be based on the German shipyard’s U-212As, and the Norway-based joint venture will focus on the development, production, and maintenance of combat systems.

Each submarine of the type U-212 displaces 1,830 tons of immersion and has a length of 56 meters. Inside, its air-independent propulsion [AIP] system stands out, which allows it to stay underwater for long periods of time. These ships are already serving in the German and Italian navies.


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