China unveiled a giant bionic ‘running’ reconnaissance ‘yak’

BEIJING, ($1=6.35 Chinese Yuan) – China has developed a giant bionic “running” military robot that will perform logistical and intelligence functions in the structure of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, has learned. Information about the new acquisition of Chinese soldiers comes from the state-sponsored web portal GlobalTimes.

China unveiled a giant bionic 'running' reconnaissance 'yak'
Photo credit: Global Times

According to the information, the robot is half a human-size taller than a human, can “run” up to 10 km, and carry loads up to 160 kg. It looks like a yak, which is why the Chinese gave it the nickname “mechanical yak”. The robot walks and runs on all fours and is electrically powered. According to GlobalDefense, this is the largest and heaviest off-road robot of its kind in the world.

The mechanical yak can operate on terrain with different geography and obstacles, such as in desert, rocky, or snow-covered areas. The Chinese portal says it has dozens of integrated sensors that make its orientation in the environment possible, easier, and more efficient.

The robot can move in all directions, rotate, select diagonal movement, run or sprint, and jump. This was achieved by making and synchronizing 12 sets of joint modules.

The robot, unveiled on Friday [January 14th], is not equipped with weapons systems or weapons, but GlobaTimes says it will be integrated if necessary, suggesting the robot has an open software infrastructure.

The functions of the mechanical yak are clear – assistance in carrying large loads, facilitating the movement and logistics of the battle group in which it will be assigned, and if necessary, carrying out reconnaissance missions. The Chinese claim that this bionic robot is very suitable for reconnaissance for three main reasons: integrated sensors to describe the environment, its easy movement in hard-to-reach areas, and last but not least – the elimination of human resources in reconnaissance in enemy terrain. reminds us that the mechanical yak is not the only “robotic animal” that the Chinese military is developing. They have a robot dog [just like in the US], which is called Geda and is the size of a real one, weighs 32 kg, and can carry a half-weight load of 40 kg. Geda can recognize faces and perform simple voice commands. Geda is also designed to pass through hard-to-reach terrain.


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