China upgrades its Z-20 helos, not denying the stealth version

BEIJING, ($1=6.35 Chinese Yuans) – China is starting to make improvements to its Z-20 tactical helicopter, learned, citing Deng Jinghui, chief designer at the Chinese Institute for Helicopter Research and Development of China’s state-owned aviation corporation.

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Photo credit: Wikipedia

According to him, Beijing is considering redesigning the Z-20 to allow this helicopter to be loaded into the air. “Since helicopters have less range compared to fixed-wing aircraft, we are considering extending that range in the form of aerial refueling. We can also use other aircraft to transfer helicopters in long-range deployment,” Deng said when asked about the future. upgrades of the Z-20, which made the first public appearance in 2019 and has since attracted attention over its upgrade potential.

According to Deng Jinghui, the Chinese helicopter could receive additional improved capabilities to increase its efficiency, such as airbags to better protect the crew operating the helicopter. Chinese engineers are expected to significantly reduce vibration, which is now one of the problems of the Chinese machine, as well as reduce decibels of noise during flight.

The Z-20 has been the subject of much speculation over the past year. One was that Beijing was ready to develop a transport version, as well as an attack version, or a ship version. Last but not least, in May last year, some international media suggested that China was developing a stealth version of the Z-20. Asked about this possibility, Deng Jinghui did not confirm or deny the allegations. “Helicopters are low-altitude killers that play a unique role in special operations. I’m also interested in this question, so let’s look forward to an answer together,” he said.

“This rumor” was spread after it became clear that a model of a stealth helicopter resembling the Z-20 was spotted at the Chinese Helicopter Research and Development Institute.

It is unknown at this time whether Beijing is developing a stealth helicopter, but experts say According to military tactics consulted by, the presence of a stealth helicopter gives a serious advantage when attacking or penetrating the enemy line, as it will have a low radar signature and will be difficult to detect.

Deng Jinghui also spoke about the possibility of China acquiring its own cargo helicopter. According to him, whether Beijing will start development and production depends only on customer demand. Technological capabilities are available in the celestial empire, but the market will determine whether Beijing will give the world a heavy helicopter.

Experts say that if this happens, the main rotor and tail rotor will most likely be developed as with the CH-53E. It is believed that the reason why the Chinese prefer the rotor development of the CH-53E over that of the CH-47 is the presence of technological redundancy, as well as the lower risk of development.


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