Incredible U212NFS heavily armed sub is under construction

ROME, ($1=0.87 Euros) – The incredibly heavily armed U212NFS submarine of the Italian Navy has entered the production process, learned, citing official statements from the Italian Ministry of Defense and local manufacturer Fincantieri. This happened on January 11 at the Muggiano plant [La Spezia].

Incredible heavily armed U212NFS sub is under construction
Photo credit: ItaMilRadar

U212NFS is the first of two submarines to provide a new and efficient look, improving the combat capability of the Italian fleet. The abbreviation NFS in the name of the submarine means Near Future Submarine.

The new trays will be innovative and with a significantly changed design. The reason for such a decision by the Italian Ministry of Defense is that analyzes in recent years show that the technical content of the world’s submarines has already shifted the balance between nuclear and conventional units. U212NFS will be “air-independent propulsion boats”.

The new U212NFS submarines will have to carry out adequate underwater monitoring and control, participate in complex operational scenarios and operations, and, above all, replace the 4 existing Italian Sauro class submarines, which are at the end of their life cycle. The first submarine is expected to enter service in 2027, while the second two years later.

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Incredible heavily armed U212NFS sub is under construction
Photo credit: Naval News

For the Italian industry, the production of these two new submarines is extremely important, as they are expected to ensure the increase of strategic and industrial know-how acquired by Fincantieri. In addition, the whole project is a complex chain of production and supply, involving small and large local enterprises, which ensures the stability of the national industry and the country’s economy.

U212NFS must be able to deliver deep underwater strikes, and for this purpose will be equipped with six heavy Leonardo Black Shark Advanced torpedoes, cruise missiles, and UUVs. U212NFS will be able to carry out attacks autonomously with other floating platforms being developed under the Deep Strike New Generation program.

the U212NFS AIP boats will have a hydrodynamic enhanced hull design with a central body 1.2 meters longer compared to in-service platforms, and including a propeller optimized cap combined with pre-swirled rudders, a fluoropolymer foul release hull coating to reduce fuel consumption, all contributing to reducing the acoustic signature, alongside a new emerging blowing system.

The new Italian submarine relies on a radically different design from the existing ones – along low-profile one. They will be equipped with seabed research systems, as well as technology that seeks to make submarines “invisible”. A mast lifting system will be integrated into the U212NFS as well as an airplane pilot.

Another Italian company, Leonardo, has guaranteed to provide a completely different information and computer control center for the U212NFS, connected to hundreds of sensors, which should give Italian submariners easy control of combat operations. Separately, the submarine is expected to receive advanced sonar, new masts with a new generation RESM / CESM package provided by Elettronica, and communication equipment.


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