3 essential reasons the US wants a new 155mm wheeled howitzer

WASHINGTON – The US military will start a procedure to select a new 155 mm truck-mounted howitzer from the very beginning, learned BulgarianMilitary.com. According to available data, the United States has three main reasons for deciding to launch a new procedure.

3 essential reasons the US wants a new 155mm wheeled howitzer
Photo credit: BAE Systems

These 3 essential reasons are:

1. The howitzers that have been proposed so far to the US Army do not have the necessary range of fire, as well as to work with more types of portable ammunition than existing ones.

2. The howitzers that have been proposed so far by the US Army do not allow the integration of the cannon on different types of wheeled chassis.

3. The proposed howitzers do not have soft recoil technology. This technology reduces the load on the carriage and other parts of the structure, thus making the wheel system itself much lighter than those currently on the market.

The US decision to reopen the procedure came quite unexpectedly, given that the Pentagon had to make its choice earlier this year. However, the three main reasons, or rather the lack of the three characteristics listed above, clearly prevailed in the decision to suspend the present proceedings. Thus, the US Army makes a new request to study 155mm howitzers mounted on a truck.

The request comes months after the army completed its assessment of firing a 155mm mobile howitzer to provide better weapons for Stryker Brigade combat teams.

In the evaluation, national and international participants demonstrated their systems, including ARCHER of BAE Systems, ATMOS Iron Saber of Elbit Systems of America, Cesar of Nexter, Brutus of AM General, and the NORA B-52 M21 system.

What the Stryker brigade combat team is?

The Stryker brigade combat team [SBCT] is a mechanized infantry force structured around the Stryker eight-wheeled variant of the General Dynamics LAV III. A full Stryker brigade was intended to be C-130 Hercules air transportable into theatre within 96 hours, while a division-sized force is expected to need 120 hours. The Stryker brigade is an organic combined arms unit of lightly-armored, medium-weight wheeled vehicles, and is organized differently from the infantry or armored brigade combat teams.

The Stryker brigades are being used to implement network-centric warfare doctrines, and are intended to fill a gap between the United States’ highly mobile light infantry and its much heavier armored infantry. The BCT Ground Combat Vehicle Program was the planned successor of the interim armored vehicle before being cancelled in 2014. The team also receives training in chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear defense [CBRN defense].

Each Stryker brigade combat team consists of three infantry battalions, one reconnaissance [cavalry] squadron, one fires [artillery] battalion, one brigade support battalion, one brigade headquarters and headquarters company, and one brigade engineer battalion. A Stryker brigade is made up of more than 300 Stryker vehicles and 4,500 soldiers.

Starting in 2015, the anti-tank company was reflagged from the brigade engineer battalion to the cavalry squadron, to form a weapons troop—also incorporating the mobile gun systems from the infantry battalions.


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