Russia received new TOS-1A multiple thermobaric rocket launchers

MOSCOW, ($1=75.19 Russian Rubles) – According to the Russian state-owned corporation Rostec, another batch of modernized TOS-1A Solntsepyok thermobaric missile launchers has been officially handed over, learned, citing Defence24.

In the Russian army, these systems are used in subunits of independent chemical brigades, and the current modernization has allowed them to increase their combat capabilities.

The Omsktransmasz plants, which are part of the UralWagonZawod concern, are responsible for the delivery of these vehicles. The BM-1 self-propelled rocket launchers themselves, which are part of this system, upgraded to the BM-1A standard, are undergoing modernization. As a result, the accuracy, the area of ​​impact, and the range of the fire will be increased. New targeting and navigation systems are also to be installed, thanks to which the time from taking the firing position to launching the rocket salvo will be shortened. One of the serial examples of the modernized launcher has recently successfully passed the test firing range.

TOS-1A Solntsepyok is a Russian rocket artillery system using thermobaric ammunition, designed and manufactured at the Transmasz plant in Omsk. One TOS-1A system consists of one BM-1 self-propelled 24-track rocket launcher and two TZM-T transport and loading vehicles. The crew of both cars consists of three soldiers [commander, gunner/crane operator, and driver-mechanic] who take a place in the hull. The carrier of both vehicles is the modified chassis of the T-72 MBT.

In the case of the BM-1, the turret with the cannon was replaced with a rotating dome with a 24-guide, tilted at an angle 220 mm thermobaric missile launcher. On the other hand, in the case of the TZM-T, instead of the turret, two armored cassettes were installed, in which a supply of one fire unit in the number of 24 missiles [12 in each] is carried. It takes 24 minutes to replenish the complete ammunition in the launcher. The weight of both vehicles is 46 and 39 tons, respectively. The effective range of fire is up to 6 km, and for the newest ammunition family – up to 10 km.

Russia is the main user of TOS-1A Solntsepyok thermobaric tracked missile launchers. In parallel to the service, wheeled systems of this type called TOS-2 Tosoczka are being implemented recently. The system also won several export customers. Among them were: Algeria [52 copies], Saudi Arabia [an unspecified number of copies], Armenia [5 copies], Azerbaijan [36 copies], Iraq [12 copies], Kazakhstan [3 copies] and Syria [8 copies].


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