US-made Centurion C-RAM shot down two strike UAVs in Iraq

BAGHDAD, ($1=1,458.33 Iraqi Dinar) – Two armed drones were shot down on Tuesday over a military base near Baghdad, where US troops are stationed, learned, citing Defence24. A similar attack attempt was made on Monday.

US-made Centurion C-RAM shot down two strike UAVs in Iraq
Photo credit: Shephard media

A similar attack took place on Monday, when two drones approaching Baghdad International Airport, which also housed US troops, were neutralized. On Monday, the drones were removed from the Centurion C-RAM system, which is based on the Vulcan Phalanx system and uses a 20 mm rotating cannon. No information has been confirmed so far about the system used to counter the attack.

US troops are leading an international coalition fighting Islamic State [IS] in Iraq and Syria. Their combat mission officially ended at the end of 2021, but they still have to carry out a consultative and training mission.

The attacks came as Iran’s neighbor Iraq and its Iraqi allies recalled General Qassem Suleimani, one of Iran’s most influential commanders, assassinated by US forces on January 3, 2020. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi announced on Monday that he would take revenge. for the assassination of Suleimani if ​​former President Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are not brought to justice over the decision to launch the attack.

General Suleimani, head of foreign operations for Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and commander of the elite al-Quds division, was killed at an international airport in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, in a US missile attack. The attack was carried out with the help of drones and killed a total of eight people, including one of the commanders of pro-Iranian militias in Iraq, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, and nine wounded.

He was one of the most important Iranian military commanders; his troops fought in Syria, among others, in support of President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, and Iraq, fighting Islamic State terrorists. US officials have accused the Iranian general of supporting attacks on US troops.


Terrorist acts in Iraq using explosives and firearms. Attacks accompanied by many victims carry out against the civilian population, law enforcement officers, and other states’ diplomatic missions. Islamic State or ISIS is responsible for some of the attacks. A common tactic is to undermine mined cars, as well as suicide bombings. Explosions are herding in mosques, markets, restaurants during the funeral. By the number of terrorist acts, Iraq is one of the hottest spots in the world. More than 40,000 people died from the attacks.


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