Spain to get SM-2 anti-ship, anti-aircraft radar seeker missile

MADRID, ($1=0.88 Euros) – The U.S. Department of Defense [DoD] has approved an extension of its current contract with Raytheon for the production of Standard 2 [SM2] anti-aircraft missiles, learned This production of SM-2 missiles is intended for the armament of both the US Navy and the navies of some partner countries, including Spain.

Spain to get SM-2 anti-ship, anti-aircraft radar seeker missile
Photo credit: Raytheon

This type of missile operates in the five F-100 frigates, class Álvaro de Bazán of the Spanish Navy. The contract extension is estimated at $ 578 million in total. According to sources, the Spanish Ministry of Defense will pay $ 50.14 million for the acquisition of this type of missile, which is 9 percent of the value of the total order.

In addition to the standard SM-2 missiles, Raytheon will have to provide the states under this order with measuring kits, engineering services, and spare parts. Each country has a delivery plan in place. Along with the US Navy and the Spanish Navy, new missiles will be given to the navies of South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Chile, the Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark.

According to sources in the Spanish Ministry of Defense, the agreed work will be completed in 2026. It should be remembered that this type of contract does not imply the immediate sale, in this case, of missiles to the aforementioned countries. This is a permit and therefore each country must now confirm the contract with the contractor, based on the established conditions.

Purchase of standard missiles in 2018

The five Álvaro de Bazán class frigates are equipped with a 48-cell VLS Mk-41 launcher for Standard Missile 2 [SM-2] and Evolved SeaSparrow Missile [ESSM] anti-aircraft missiles.

At the end of 2018, the government authorized the Ministry of Defense to purchase ten Standard SM-2 IIIB missiles and ten MK-13 baskets for the Spanish Navy for approximately $ 29.5 million. The forecasts are that the deliveries will take place from 2022 to 2024, according to reports from the Spanish Ministry of Defense at the time.

This medium-range anti-aircraft missile allows downing from fighter jets to helicopters passing by helicopters and can be used against very low to very high missiles, subsonic and hypersonic in all weather conditions and electronic countermeasures. ability against the surface.

The standard SM2 Block IIIA has tail control, a solid propellant rocket engine for propulsion and maneuverability, and thrust vector control. It weighs about 700 kilograms, measures 4.72 meters, and has a diameter of 34 centimeters. Its range is between 74 and 170 kilometers and is exploded by radar and contact fuse. It has a flight ceiling of about 80,100 feet [about 24,400 meters] and reaches a maximum matching speed of 3.5.


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