Dutch Bushmaster APC will get better C4ISR, weapons, and armor

AMSTERDAM, ($1=0.88 Euros) – The Dutch Ministry of Defense plans to carry out a mid-life update [MLU] on 102 units of its Bushmaster armored personnel carriers, BulgarianMilitary.com has learned, citing information from the ministry’s press service.

New Zealand purchase Bushmaster armored vehicles
Photo credit: Wikipedia

The Dutch Bushmaster APC will receive an upgrade of the onboard weapons station, as well as the armor of the vehicle, which according to the Dutch will receive an additional layer of armor. Command and control systems will also be upgraded, which is expected to improve the vehicle’s communication capabilities. The Dutch ministry says new optical surveillance and reconnaissance systems will also be integrated, most notably the reversing camera.

The Netherlands has 102 Bushmaster armored vehicles. They were purchased in 2006 and are expected to remain in service until at least 2036. Therefore, this mid-life update is expected and practiced on all weapon systems, whether air, sea, or ground.

The Dutch Ministry of Defense also says that this mid-life update is necessary, as many of the available Bushmaster APCs have been involved and “widely used” in military missions in Afghanistan and Mali in recent years.

The Dutch plan to upgrade the armored vehicles from next year and continue until 2027, with the original contractor, Bushmaster, as the main contractor. It is expected that in 2024 the Dutch will start using the first updated armored vehicles of this type.

There are several types of Bushmaster APC in service in the Dutch army, depending on the tasks to be performed. For example, for command and control, or the disposal of explosive munitions. Some vehicles are “static. All variants of the Bushmaster APC serving in the Dutch Army will receive specific and specific adjustments during the mid-life update.

Bushmaster was developed in 1995-99 to meet the Australian Army’s need for an Infantry Mobility Vehicle [later changed to Protected Mobility Vehicle] with high levels of protection, sustained speed, tactical mobility, endurance, ergonomics, and situational awareness.

Apart from the Netherlands and Australia, Bushmaster is also in service with Fiji, Indonesia, Jamaica, Japan, New Zealand, and the UK.


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