GD unveiled next-gen platform ASCOD – from a vehicle to tank

MADRID, ($1=0.89 Euros) – On December 17 General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS), the European division of the General Dynamics Group, unveiled its next-generation open infrastructure platform ASCOD, has learned, citing a press release from GDELS.

GD unveiled next-gen platform ASCOD - from a vehicle to tank
Photo credit: WarBlog

ASCOD is a modular solution for armored vehicles of various types and functionalities, which are built based on the basic platform. Ie depending on the needs of the army, ASCOD can be used to build a lightly armored personnel carrier, armored command post, 155mm self-propelled howitzer, or 105-120mm light tank.

According to José M. Lineros, Vice President Engineering, the ASCOD open infrastructure platform has already proven its mobility, practicality, and transformation in some military armored products in various countries. “ASCOD operates in several consumer nations under different denominations, such as the Spanish Pizarro [infantry fighting vehicle], the Austrian Ulan [infantry fighting vehicle], or the British Ajax [armored fighting vehicle], which shows the proven capabilities of the platform itself.”

José M. Lineros also says that this platform offers several advantages because it can meet different requirements from different customers without undergoing major changes or none at all. Ie ASCOD provides interoperability and significantly reduces costs.

José M. Lineros reveals that the open architecture platform allows the integration of different turrets with different firepowers, such as from 20mm cannon to 120mm cannon, giving the example of their latest ASCOD light tank version sports a 105/120 mm turret, delivering the firepower of an MBT within the envelope and mobility of an IFV.

In addition to the various firepower options, ASCOD also maintains a high standard of mobility and mobility. The mobility of the vehicle is maximized thanks to the unique suspension system. The additional 7th road wheel provides an improved driveability, minimizes pitch response, and reduces ground pressure, which makes a difference.

José M. Lineros also reveals three other advantages – universal size as standard, built-in mine protection with crew protection, and the payload of the platform.

According to Lineros, ASCOD is designed so that urban or extra-urban infrastructure can easily service the vehicle, as it comes in standardized sizes and below 50 tons, which makes the armored vehicle highly maneuverable. ASCOD has a well-protected and patented floor to deal with a mine explosion. reminds you that older versions of the open infrastructure platform ASCOD are currently used in Austria, Spain, Great Britain, the Philippines, the Czech Republic, and the United States uses the same platform to build the Griffin III IFV variant in the Optionally-Manned Fighting Vehicle program as M2 / M3 Bradley replacement.


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