China and Russia drew a new military road map until 2025

PANAGYURISHTE, ($1=1.73 Bulgarian Levas) – At the end of November, the 24th, the two largest countries on the Asian continent, Russia and China, signed a new road map for military cooperation for the next five years in the period 2021-2025. is trying to answer several important questions: why this cooperation continues, what opportunities this new cooperation will open up, and what the United States can expect if a provocation is made against one or both countries.

What does the Russian side say?

Oleg Ivanov, vice-rector of research at the Moscow-based Diplomatic Academy, said the new roadmap was not accidental, but the result of pressure from the West. According to Ivanov, the two Asian countries show that the signing of the new roadmap for military cooperation follows common views on strategic stability in the region. Third, the new roadmap shows trust between China and Russia.

According to Ivanov, in the last few months, both countries have noticed an increased presence of American bombers near their borders. “This is an immediate and fatal threat,” Ivanov said. According to Ivanov, the United States cannot agree with the independent policies of Moscow and Beijing, so it is sending “such messages.” Russia and China will rely on joint military efforts against a threat from the West and the United States in particular, and will not succumb to such provocation, Ivanov said, defending one of the reasons for signing the Beijing-Moscow roadmap.

However, Ivanov points out that Moscow currently views US actions only as a provocation that will not lead to conflict. One of the reasons is that the United States, Russia, and China are nuclear states and any conflict will not benefit humanity. “But at the same time, provocations are dangerous because they can create a situation in which the participating countries can make a mistake or make wrong calculations,” Ivanov added.

What does the Chinese side say?

Song Zhongping, a Chinese military expert and commentator, says the new roadmap for military cooperation between Russia and China is not aimed at third countries but aims to ensure the security of the two countries.

According to Song Zhongping, military cooperation is not only in the exchange of experience and military technology but also in joint exercises on water, air, and land. The Chinese expert concludes that the United States is not able to oppose Russia or China, despite “committing reckless provocative actions near the borders of the two countries.”

“The US allies are quite apathetic about the US containment policies and few of them can think and act in line with the US, leading to an embarrassing circumstance. The US attempts to contain both China and Russia through alliances or to alienate them cannot succeed,” says Song Zhongping.

According to the Chinese expert, supported by a second Russian analyst Yuri Tavrovsky, head of the Expert Council of the Russian-Chinese Committee for Friendship, Peace, and Development, it would be a serious mistake if the United States decides to attack China or Russia.

“I think it’s time to start openly discussing a defense agreement that provides for a joint response to an attack on Russia or China. Such an agreement or statement will not replace the 2001 Russia-China agreement, but will strengthen it,” Yuri Tavrovsky said in his analysis.


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