Chinese Hainan ship armed with HHQ-10 and IIR seeker continues tests

BEIJING, ($1=6.37 Chinese Yuans) – The fleet of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army is again conducting tests on its Hainan amphibious assault ship, learned, citing information from Navy Recognition and a Twitter user.

Chinese Hainan ship armed with HHQ-10 and IIR seeker continues tests
Photo credit: Twitter reminds you that just a few days ago China completed another test of the same ship, assessing its combat capability. Then, these tests were conducted in an unnamed area of ​​the South China Sea, conducting multi-dimensional battles, and testing their ability to integrate naval, ground, and air units.

Exactly where the new tests are being conducted today is not mentioned. According to a source at, the Chinese navy will once again test the combat capability and capabilities of the Z-18J early warning helicopters, as well as those of the Z-9 anti-submarine helicopter and the Z-8C transport helicopter.

The Chinese Hainan amphibious assault ship is a surface ship with a flooded deck that allows weapons such as boats and armored amphibious vehicles to land on an air cushion. This landing craft is designed for complete operations of combat, transport, and early warning helicopters.

Hainan amphibious assault ship is 237 meters or 778 feet long and has a displacement of 30,000 to 40,000 tons. The total capacity of the helicopters it can service is 30 units.

Hainan is powered by a 9000 kW 16PC2-6B diesel engine and is armed with four Close-in weapon systems (CIWS), including two HHQ-10s and two H / PJ-11s.

The design of the HQ-10 places it in a similar role to the American Rolling Airframe Missile, both serving as point defense missile systems. Each HQ-10 missile has a length of around 2 m and a width of around 0.12 m. The missile has a range of 9 km against subsonic targets and 6 km against supersonic targets, and a flight altitude as low as 1.5 meters.

The guidance system is said to be an advanced matrix imaging infrared (IIR) seeker. However, it appears to have a pair of horn-like protrusions at the front of the missile which may indicate the existence of passive radar seekers or semi-active radar seekers.

China rated its amphibious assault ship and Z-18J helicopters
Photo credit: Wikipedia

The launcher is designed to be customizable in terms of the number of missiles carried. Possible different configurations include 8, 15, 18, and 24 missiles, which can be deployed on different warships based on size and suitability. It is claimed that the system can launch missiles in about 10 seconds

Hainan amphibious assault ship is part of the expeditionary battle group of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy. In addition to him, this group includes several frigates, patrol ships, an aircraft carrier of type 076, a ship for medical assistance, and others.

Chinese military experts say that this expeditionary battle group will play a significant role in the strikes in eastern Taiwan. i.e. the Hainan ship is focused on the action of the air, and the type 071 ship is focused on the action of the water.

Military experts say the Hainan will play a significant role in training and creating a comprehensive training scheme for the strike group of the three ships.


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