China rated its amphibious assault ship and Z-18J helicopters

BEIJING, ($1=6.37 Chinese Yuans) – The Chinese government-controlled Global Times website reports that at the end of the year, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army evaluated the capabilities of its first amphibious assault ship, Hainan, learned

China rated its amphibious assault ship and Z-18J helicopters
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According to information “shared” by China, the Chinese navy has carried out operations in an undiscovered area in the South China Sea. The sailors fought a multidimensional battle, testing their ability to integrate naval, land, and air units.

The actions of the Z-18J naval helicopters, which are of the “early warning helicopter” type, have also been evaluated. However, the report on the Chinese website shows that two more types of helicopters are already on board the Chinese ship – Z-9 anti-submarine and Z-8C transport helicopter. This information shows that the naval forces of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army have increased both the capacity and combat capabilities of their amphibious assault ship Hainan.

“As we practiced more over the past few months and adjusted our approach, we have now achieved a significantly higher [helicopter] sortie rate,” Zhang Yupeng, commander of an aviation detachment on board the Hainan, was quoted by CCTV as saying.

We remind you that Hainan was created by China as “a necessary deterrent against Taiwan’s independence forces,” writes the Global Times. Hainan is a Type 075 ship and will be part of an operational group of Chinese ships consisting of two other types of ships – Type 071 and aircraft carrier. According to Chinese experts, this group of ships will play a significant role in strikes in eastern Taiwan. i.e. a Type 075 ship is focused on air action, and a Type 071 ship is focused on water action.

Military experts claim that the amphibious assault ship Hainan Type 075 will play a significant role in training and creating a whole training scheme for the strike group of these three vessels.

The Global Times also said in a report that in addition to testing the combat capability of the Hainan, Chinese sailors had tested their landing capabilities, as well as landing hovercraft and armored vehicles. Chinese reports show that sailors have achieved a significant reduction in the time to deploy these actions.

Song Zhongping, a Chinese military expert and television commentator for state-run CCTV, told the Global Times on Tuesday [December 7th] that the assessment showed the PLA’s first landing assault ship was reaching operational capability.


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