Egypt showed SENA 200 tracked IFV with TNT and mine protection

CAIRO, ($1=15.72 Egyptian Pound) – Egypt has shown the world the SENA 200 – its new armored tracked vehicle for infantry at the already held international military exhibition EDEX 2021, learned SENA 200 was developed entirely in the African country by the National Organization for Military Production, which is a state structure of the Egyptian Defense Ministry.

Egypt showed SENA 200 tracked IFV with TNT and mine protection
Photo credit: Paolo Valpolini / EDR Magazine

Experts say it is very similar to the Soviet BMP series, although developers deny such a claim.

SENA 200 is a tracked armored vehicle with three torsion bars in the suspension, as well as shock absorbers. They are all driven by a forward gear and idle. SENA 200 is “glued” with armor plates in the upper body of the vehicle.

Egyptian engineers have provided mine protection in the chassis and floor of the vehicle type 3 STANAG 4569, as well as ballistic protection type 4 STANAG 45698, which should provide security against offensive firearms 14.5 × 114 mm AP (Armor Piercing). The mine protection must withstand an explosion of 8 kg TNT under the body and rails. According to Egyptian developers, the front and side of the armored vehicle can be further reinforced against a projectile fired by an RPG.

The SENA 200 infantry tracked armored vehicle is equipped with a fully digitalized control, including fire control displays and the vehicle itself. The interior includes a seat for each soldier transported, with a total of six infantry in the rear of the SENA 200. They enter from two rear manual doors, tightly equipped with armored plates, but with a small cut-out window through which they can perform automatic firing with small arms or machine guns.

SENA 200 reaches 65 km / h and with one tank refueling can travel up to 600 km. The tracked vehicle has a 360 hp engine. SENA 200 has a low silhouette, is almost 6 meters long, nearly 2 meters wide, and also 2 meters high. The armored vehicle weighs 14 tons.

According to Egyptian engineers, the SENA 200 tolerates a variety of weapons equipment, including an automatic 30-mm cannon, and a remote weapon station. The remote weapon station is Egyptian-made, can be mounted on both wheeled and tracked combat vehicles, and is equipped with uncooled thermal and day cameras, laser rangefinder, detection and recognition systems. The remote weapon station has an additional 12.7-mm heavy machine gun with a rotation of 360 degrees and an elevation of -20 ° to + 60°.


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