Sales of PAC-missiles for Saudi Patriots are delayed because of Iran

WASHINGTON – Americans are looking for “levers of influence” on their longtime allies, such as those armed with rhetoric about “human rights abuses” in Yemen, learned, citing Defense Express. But such talks do not solve the problem of Saudi Arabia, which requires millions of dollars in anti-aircraft missiles to protect energy infrastructure from “self-propelled” missiles worth tens of thousands of dollars each.

Saudi Arabia has asked the United States to buy “literally hundreds” of anti-aircraft missiles of various types for the SAM Patriot, the number and range of which are not disclosed, according to The Drive, citing the Washington Post.

Saudi Arabia is forced to literally “replenish” the reserves of its anti-aircraft missiles, as well as air-to-air missiles for F-15 fighters. The reason is that Iranian-backed Hussite fighters in Yemen are stepping up their airstrikes on the energy infrastructure of the Arabian Peninsula.

According to current data, the Hussites carried out 375 airstrikes against Saudi Arabia in 2021, including 10 ballistic missiles and 25 kamikaze drones in October 2021 and 11 ballistic missiles and 29 kamikaze drones in November 2021.

Saudi Arabia is in a very grueling situation when it is forced to buy hundreds of missiles worth several million dollars each to destroy “self-propelled” air targets worth tens of thousands of dollars. And if it doesn’t sound paradoxical, but here the “sticks in the wheels” of Riyadh began to insert the United States itself, or rather – some forces in the United States.

For example, in early November 2021, the US State Department approved the potential sale to Saudi Arabia of 280 AIM-120C air-to-air missiles and 596 LAU-128 missile suspension pilots worth up to $ 650 million. The progress of this agreement has already been blocked by a group of congressmen who tabled the relevant resolution.

In addition, the agreement on the sale of THAAD missile defense systems to Saudi Arabia, which became known in mid-November this year, was secretly “paused”. Therefore, the authors of The Drive naturally suggest that the request of the White House from the Saudis to purchase hundreds of additional missiles for Patriot SAM could also be “paused”.

The real and unspoken reason for such absurd maneuvers is that the White House wants to force Riyadh to “save” the Patriot missiles and the AIM-120C air-to-air missiles in the event of a “major war” in the region that Iran could unleash.

In addition, as Yemeni fighters begin to attack harder in Saudi Arabia, this may indicate Iran’s preparations for a “major war.”

Well, publicly and in other words – the White House is looking for “levers of influence” on Saudi Arabia, because you see, the Joseph Biden administration is concerned about “human rights violations” during the fighting in Yemen, which is led by Saudi Arabia army. But the above does not eliminate the problem of Saudi Arabia, which needs anti-aircraft missiles to protect its oil and gas infrastructure.

In addition, so far the Saudis, as potential buyers of SAMs, have “processed” the Russians, offered the S-400 or the Abakan complex, a “cheaper” version of the modernized S-300V4 anti-aircraft missile system capable of firing ballistic missiles. Here, too, Riyadh has not yet said a resounding “no” to the Kremlin, in any case, there is no evidence.


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