UK acquired Sky Saber missile system and CAMM with active radars

LONDON, ($1=0.76 British Pounds) – According to the British Ministry of Defense, the 16th Royal Artillery Regiment [16th Royal Artillery Regiment] officially adopted the first batch of Sky Saber anti-aircraft systems, which replaced the Rapier kits after almost 50 years.

UK acquired Sky Saber missile system and CAMM with active radars
Photo credit: Military Wiki

The 16th Royal Artillery Regiment is the first unit equipped with the new Sky Saber anti-aircraft system, has learned. It consists of Saab Giraffe radar stations, a command system whose components are supplied by the Israeli concern Rafael, and CAMM missile systems with an active radar guidance system manufactured by MBDA.

This is a significant improvement over the currently obsolete Rapier system with a range of about 7 km, which has been used in the British Army since the 1970s.

“Sky Saber has significantly improved the protection of our forces against air threats. This state-of-the-art defense system is a clear demonstration of our combat capabilities […] At 99 kg, CAMM missiles are twice as heavy as Rapier and have three times the range. They can reach speeds of 2,300 miles per hour. eliminating fighter jets, drones, and even laser-guided smart bombs. Eight missiles are mounted on the launch pad, which launches in a unique, multi-directional way. The CAMM launcher can be loaded in half the time of the Rapier,”said Jeremy Quinn, Secretary of Defense for the UK Treaties.

It is worth noting that the CAMM missiles are new to the British Army, but the Royal Navy uses the Sea Ceptor twin system with the same missiles. CAMM missiles are used by modernized Type 23 frigates, which are used operationally, and in the future will be used by ships built under the new program for frigates Type 26 and Type 31.

CAMM missiles in a Sky Saber-like launcher configuration are also available in Poland as part of Narev’s short-range air defense program offer. The Poles recommend the use of MBDA CAMM and CAMM-ER missiles as an effector of the Narew system.

Narew is a short-range air defense system that is part of the integrated Polish air defense system and must cooperate with the Polish Wisła system using IBCS. It is planned to purchase a total of 23 batteries, which will be used by the anti-aircraft regiments of the Land Forces [replacing the Kub and partially Osa kits], the 3rd Air Defense Missile Brigade [together with the Wisła kits, with which Narev is to cooperate within the IBCS system], as well as the ground air defense units of the Navy.


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