Spain fired UAV by catapult from a ship to test it at sea

MADRID, ($1=0.89 Euros) – CPS Group presented the capabilities of its UAS Fulmar Delta to the Spanish Navy during a recent demonstration flight aboard the sea action ship [BAM] Furor, learned, citing InfoDefensa.

Spain fired a UAV with a catapult from a ship to test it at sea
Photo credit: EMA

The ship sailed on November 24 from La Curra dock in Cartagena with this RPAS system. The demonstration was attended by officials from the General Staff of the Navy [EMA], the 11th Squadron of the Air Fleet, and the General Directorate of Arms and Materials [DGAM].

During the flight, the drone showed its ability to detect and track targets both at sea and in the air. The tests also served to exchange views on the operational applications that this surveillance and intelligence technology [ISR] may have in the maritime field.

The UAS was launched with the help of a pneumatic catapult and resumed after a few hours of flight with the help of a network system located in the stern of the ship. RPAS can interact with the command and control systems of the Spanish Armed Forces through the Iris system of the Rapaz program of DGAM.

Fulmar Delta is a national UAS / UAV Class 1 Small system, according to the NATO classification, developed and marketed by the CPS Group, and in particular Wake and Inster, for the military version. CPS Group provides its customers with Inster for the military field [Fulmar Delta] and the civilian field [Fulmar View] from the hands of Sistem, another company in the group.

Other versions of Fulmar

The Fulmar 21 is in service with a variety of customers in both land and naval configurations, nationally and internationally, officially recognized by Wake as MDOA [Organization’s Military Design Approval].

For its part, the Fulmar 25, with a range of 12 hours and a range in broadband communications [LOS] of up to 120 km, includes day and night optical-payload, laser pointer, and SDR radio. The group is also developing Fulmar 30, described as its state-of-the-art version, which will allow communications outside the line of sight [BLOS] via Leo Satcom [Low Orbit Satellite Communications].


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