German Puma IFVs with next-gen of MUSS soft-kill missile defense

BERLIN, ($1=0.88 Euros) – The German concern Hensoldt has received a contract for the development of a new generation of active protection system MUSS soft-kill [MUSS 2.0], learned, referring to Defense24. In its current version, the MUSS is used on the Puma 350 IFV.

German Puma IFVs with next-gen of MUSS soft-kill missile defense
Photo credit: EDR Magazine

According to a press release from Hensolt, the German company has received an order to develop the MUSS 2.0 system from the Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology, and Support of the Bundeswehr [BAAINBw]. The new system needs to be optimized in terms of weight and size, while at the same time getting new features compared to its predecessor.

The first generation of the MUSS system has already been installed on 350 Puma cars used by the Bundeswehr. It consists of several elements as standard, namely a laser beam warning system, a missile warning system, an infrared ATGM jamming system, and integrated smoke grenade launchers [multispectral]. Everything is connected in a command system.

The great advantage of MUSS, already in its current form, is the availability of more than one source of information about threats [not only a warning about laser radiation but also about the launch of a rocket/rocket RPG]. However, the new system will have improved functionality and capabilities.

First, it will be integrated into the overall architecture of NATO [NATO] vehicles, making it easily integrated into NGVA-compliant vehicles. The Germans emphasize that they want to offer MUSS 2.0 as a system not only for infantry fighting vehicles but also for armored personnel carriers and tanks. They also add that it could be part of a larger “layered” set of security systems, outside of soft kill systems.

Although not explicitly stated, it may be an adjunct to solid killing systems [physical combat armor-piercing projectiles] such as the Trophy. The latter was recently commissioned by the Bundeswehr for a batch of a dozen tanks upgraded to the Leopard 2A7 A1 standard, and the US military has more than 300 sets.

MUSS 2.0 itself will also be enriched with the [Hostile Fire Indicator] function. Similar solutions, allowing the transmission of information to the fire control system, already exist, for example, in the Trophy. MUSS 2.0 will also have upgraded laser warning sensors to detect second-generation rangefinders, but also laser beam guidance systems such as the Russian Kornet.

If the assumptions of the MUSS 2.0 program are met, the German industry [and therefore the army] will have a very modern solution, in addition to that which can be combined with other solutions. Already using “standard” MUSS and at the same time heavily armored IFV Puma is considered one of the best-protected infantry fighting vehicles in the world.


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