Russia acquired nine Terminator AFVs with 30-mm autocannons [video]

MOSCOW, ($1=74.15 Russian Rubles) – The Central Military District [CMD] has formed the first staff unit in the Russian Armed Forces to be equipped with Terminator tank support fighting vehicle [BMPT in Russian – ed.], learned, citing Central Military District Commander Alexander Lapin statement.

Terminator AFV with 30-mm autocannons entered service in Russia
Photo credit: Wikipedia

“According to the decision of the Minister of Defense and the instructions of the Chief of General Staff, the first BMPT company of nine combat vehicles was added to one of the tank regiments of the tank. a division of the military district,” Lapin said.

He also noted that in June 2022 the equipment will be used in large-scale exercises, where the possibilities of using a BMPT battalion will be studied.

“I am deeply convinced that this technique will successfully perform combat tasks in general combat and following modern requirements as the most effective firearm not only for maintaining tanks but also for solving a wide range of tasks in the mountains and settlements,” Lapin added.

Earlier, the commander of the Central Military District announced that nine BMPT Terminators will be included in the headquarters of one of the tank regiments of the 90th Division.

The Terminator is a multifunctional highly protected combat tracked fire support with powerful weapons, modern fire control devices, and high maneuverability. It is capable of striking lightly armored infantry targets, tanks, and combat vehicles, along with military air defenses to combat helicopters and low-flying enemy low-speed aircraft.

On December 1, 2020, the press service of Uralvagonzavod Corporation [UVZ, Rostech] told Interfax that the first batch of BMPT Terminator was part of the Russian Armed Forces – the 90th Panzer Division of the Central Military District.

Fighting vehicles supporting tanks manufactured by Uralvagonzavod entered the 90th Guards Tank Vitebsk-Novgorod twice Red Banner Division of the Central Military District. This is the first delivery of BMPT to Russia’s armed forces as part of the implementation of the state defense order, UVZ said in a statement.

“In terms of its combat effectiveness, one BMPT will replace two BMPs and one motorized rifle platoon,” the concern said at the time. According to him, the Terminator has a diesel multi-fuel engine with a compressor V-92S2 with 1000 hp. manufactured by ChTZ-URALTRAK LLC [UVZ].

The 90th Panzer Division was formed in 2016. Its units are located in the Chelyabinsk and Sverdlovsk regions. The main strike force of the division is ten tank battalions, a total of over 300 tanks.

BMPT was adopted by the Land Forces of the Russian Armed Forces in 2018. Earlier, Uralvagonzavod handed over to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation under a state contract a batch of BMPT “Terminator” – about ten cars – to participate in the victory parade in Moscow.

“Terminator” for the Russian army was created on the components and components of the main tank T-90A. The Terminator was reportedly used in a military operation in Syria.

In January, the commander of the First Tank Army of the Western Military District, Sergei Kisel, said he expected to receive the BMPT Terminator in 2021.


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