Iran is building a 1,300-ton new class submarine carrying cruise missiles

TEHRAN, ($1=42,275.00 Iranian Rials) – The Iranian navy will soon have its design of a submarine that will carry cruise missiles, learned, citing a statement by Rear Admiral Shahram Iran on November 27. The Rear Admiral’s statement was also quoted by the Iranian news agency Tasnim.

Iran is building a 1,300-ton new class submarine carrying cruise missiles
Photo credit: Wikipedia

The new submarine will be of a new class called Besat. According to the statement of the Iranian military, this submarine will launch cruise missiles, but in their statement, it is not clear the number of cruise missiles that the new submarine will be able to carry. However, it has been confirmed that it will have six torpedoes and additional mining capabilities.

According to the Iranian news agency, Besat will weigh approximately 1,300 tons, be at least 60 meters long, and operate at a depth of up to 300 meters. Sources claim that Besat will move with 12 knots [22 km/h] on the surface of the water and 20 knots [30 km/h] under the water.

The Iranian navy’s new submarine class Besat is an evolutionary model of the existing Qaaem class, which is in service in Iran. Judging by Iran’s slow progress on submarines, Qaaem is a relatively new submarine-launched in August 2008. Its operational capabilities are quite limited. It is known that this class of submarines can launch several torpedoes and submarines.

The US Department of Defense claims that the Iranian navy has a total of 19 submarines. Three of them are attackers and are of the Kilo-class – Russian production and delivered from Russia in the 90s of the last century.

Iran has 14 small Yono class [SSM] submarines, which are manufactured in North Korea. Thirteen of them were manufactured by Iran after Tehran acquired a Yono-class submarine [SSM] in 2004, and later reached an agreement with Pyongyang and began building them in Iran. Yono-class submarine [SSM] has a displacement of only 120 tons and has only two torpedo tubes, firing 53 cm heavy torpedoes, mostly locally produced.

The last two submarines of the Iranian navy are Iranian-made and are of the Fateh [SSC] class. These are Fateh class [SSC] submarines that have a displacement of 600 tons, swim to a depth of 200 meters underwater, and have a range of 5,000 meters.


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