China unveiled high-speed unmanned vessels with improved dynamic technology

BEIJING, ($1=6.38 Chinese Yuans) – The Chinese state information site Global Times has revealed that the Chinese manufacturer of drones Yunzhou Tech has achieved a technological breakthrough in terms of intercepting, besieging, and repelling enemy ships [dynamic technology – ed.], learned

China unveiled high-speed unmanned vessels with improved dynamic technology
Photo credit: Global Times

According to the author of the publication, China currently has six such drones guarding the Chinese coast. Their main activity is to work together in a complex environment and to gather evidence of violators of China’s territorial waters. The Global Times claims that drones are fully autonomous and can make their own decisions about their actions, which suggests the existence of a system with artificial intelligence.

The Global Times says the company has released a video of the six drones, but there is no link to the video, and only one photo has been provided showing how the six drones surrounded a ship in the coastal waters of Chinese territory.

Drones are part of the modern developments of naval engineers around the world. They are many times cheaper than a standard reconnaissance frigate, as staffing is eliminated. This makes them much more flexible in carrying out combat or reconnaissance operations.

However, Chinese engineers from Yunzhou Tech claim that drones have their drawbacks. They note the fact that it is still time-consuming to stabilize such a platform, as well as to exercise full control over the route. Some Chinese engineers even claim that drones have accuracy problems, without specifying what exactly they mean by that statement.

The six Chinese drones guarding Chinese territorial waters are Yunzhou Tech’s first military project. To date, the company has developed dozens of drones focused on environmental research and ocean engineering.

The company says it will launch its largest drone next year, which will have to organize and monitor the operation of air, underwater, and surface unmanned systems simultaneously.

China has invested heavily in recent years in developing military intelligence systems, and drones are part of Beijing’s large-scale project. In the future, the Chinese will try to control swarms of drones and ships in Chinese coastal waters, but acknowledge that there are still several unknowns about structuring the idea.

China has a coastline of 18,000 kilometers and 3 million square kilometers of maritime areas under its jurisdiction. Strengthening the maritime economy and protecting maritime rights and interests have an impact on national security and long-term development.

“We believe that drones will play an important role in this,” said Zhang, one of the founders of Yunzhou Tech.


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