China has begun shipping 44 Type 15 tanks to Bangladesh

BEIJING, ($1=6.39 Chinese Yuans) – In 2019, Bangladesh placed an order with China to supply a batch of 44 promising light Type 15 tanks. In early 2021, Type 15 tanks began to receive Chinese army units stationed in Tibet.

China has begun shipping 44 Type 15 tanks to Bangladesh
Photo credit: Wikipedia

China has now begun shipping Type 15 tanks to the first export customer of this war machine, the Bangladeshi army, learned, citing the Army Recognition portal announcement.

China has begun exporting Type 15 light tanks to Bangladesh in parallel with the launch of these combat vehicles for its naval and ground units located in Xinjiang.

China is the main supplier of weapons to the Bangladeshi army, the Chinese have already supplied the country with 59G tanks, WS-22 multiple rocket launchers, and HQ-7 short-range SAMs.

The Chinese light tank Type 15 has a combat weight of 36 tons. Other features of this fighting machine:

  • crew – three people;
  • speed – up to 70 km / h on the highway,
  • power of the power plant – 1000 horsepower, the car can overcome a ditch with a width of 2.7 meters and a ford with a depth of 1.1 meters, as well as – to overcome obstacles up to 85 centimeters;
  • set of weapons – 105-millimeter cannon, equipped with a machine gun, ammunition – 38 shells, range – up to three kilometers; paired machine gun caliber 7.62 mm; anti-aircraft machine gun caliber 12.7 mm.

Turkey’s Kaplan missile system will protect Bangladesh

As we reported in June, Bangladesh announced its intention to acquire Turkey’s TRG-300 Kaplan multi-missile system. At the time, Bangladesh Army Chief of Staff Aziz Ahmed said talks between the two countries were over, and Ankara should deliver the systems in June this year. After publications in Bangladeshi media, it became clear on June 6 that the systems have already been delivered to the territory of the Asian country.

TRG-300 Kaplan is a Turkish 300 mm multiple launch rocket system developed by the Turkish company Roketsan. The Kaplan system bases on a universal launcher adapted to the use of rockets of different caliber and applications. A similar concept was used in the Israeli IMI Lynx system or Poland in the Homar program.

TRG Kaplan can use 122 mm, 230 mm, and 300 mm missiles and 610 mm Bora ballistic missiles. These rocket variations mean that it is suitable for both Russian (BM-21 and BM-30) and Western (MLRS / HIMARS) ammunition, but mainly a wide range of Turkish missiles, both in unguided and guided versions.

On September 1st last year, the Turkish military also demonstrated the autonomous mode of the TRG-300 Kaplan after a Turkish drone Bayraktar TB2 laser-labeled a “suspected enemy target,” and the TRG-300 Kaplan accepted the target and aimed itself, followed by a missile launch. The rocket defeated the target successfully.


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