Kalashnikov begins production of more powerful Strela-10 9M333 rocket

MOSCOW, ($1=73.51 Russian Rubles) – The Russian defense concern Kalashnikov has started production of new 9M333 anti-aircraft missiles for equipping the Strela-10M [Arrow-10 in English – ed.] short-range anti-aircraft missile systems, learned BulgarianMilitary.com. The first batch of such missiles has already been sent to the military units of the Russian army, writes the Polish portal Defense24.

Russia`s Grad Rocket System Has Been Upgraded to Tornado-G Level and Delivered to the Army
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According to open sources, the main innovation of the 9M333 missile – the mass of the warhead has increased to 5 kilograms, including an increased number of striking elements. The Russians also claim that their 9M333 missile, unlike its “predecessors”, has more resistant to electronic interference targeting equipment.

Range of missiles 9M333 – 5 kilometers, as with other missiles to the complex “Arrow-10”. The height of the 9M333 missile targets is up to 3.5 kilometers, and the Russians claim that these missiles seem to be capable of shooting down drones and enemy cruise missiles.

The delivery of new missiles from the Kalashnikov concern will not allow the Russians to enhance the characteristics of the Strela-10 complexes. According to current data, the Russian army has up to 300 anti-aircraft missile systems “Arrow-10”.

Russia launched R-30 Bulava ballistic missile

As we reported on October 22, the Russian Navy carried out another test launch of the intercontinental submarine-based ballistic missile R-30 Bulava. The test was performed in the region of Russian Kamchatka, he Russian Ministry of Defense said.

The R-30 Bulava intercontinental ballistic missile was officially adopted by the Russian Navy in June 2018. But, the cycle of tests of this missile, which began in 2008, is still ongoing.

The Russians have already fired 25 test launches of the Bulava intercontinental ballistic missile. Sources from the Russian Ministry confirmed that during these launches, Russia fired an additional 39 missiles, which were also in the process of testing.

The preliminary launch took place on December 12, 2020, when a volley of four Bulava missiles was fired from the nuclear cruiser K-551 “Vladimir Monomakh”. The submarine K-552 “Knyaz Oleg” is the fifth nuclear submarine of project 955 “Borey”.

This submarine was launched only in July 2020 and is currently being tested. According to current plans, at the end of 2021 the submarine cruiser “Prince Oleg” should be transferred to the Northern Fleet or the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy.


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