Next-gen night vision increases the spy capability of US UAVs

WASHINGTON – The American company AeroVironment, Inc. which specializes in the development of high-quality systems with application in multiple domains presented its latest development in the field of surveillance and intelligence, learned, quoting Air Recognition.

Next-gen night vision increases the spy capability of US UAVs
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Mantis i45 N is a next-generation night vision device that integrates on small and medium-sized drones performing reconnaissance and espionage missions. The Mantis i45 N is a two-axis, gyro-stabilized, multi-sensor payload for night images, designed for maximum visibility during reconnaissance, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) operations in low light or at night.

Mantis i45 N weighs only 905 grams and its compact size allows it to be easily integrated into dozens of drone models. The system is made of an infrared long-wave [LWIR] thermal imagers with nearly 8 times electronic magnification. In this way, the operator of the unmanned aerial vehicle can capture the observed enemy objects with exceptional and precise accuracy by producing photos or videos in high digital resolution.

Mantis i45 N works not only in complete darkness but also in low light, as the structure of the device is additionally integrated with a 5-megapixel monochrome sensor for low light and a powerful 860 nm laser illuminator.

The Mantis i45 N works in conjunction with its daytime version of the Mantis i45, which allows the operator, regardless of the illumination of the battlefield and the reconnaissance object, to switch from day to night vision, and vice versa.

The Mantis i45 N, as well as the Mantis i45, are integrated on the light reconnaissance drone RQ-20 Puma, which is also manufactured by AeroVironment. The RQ-20 Puma is in service with the US Army, US Marine Corps, and US Air Force, with a total of 1,000 units.

“Today’s battlefield is dynamic, and UAS operators are increasingly relying on multiple payloads to complete their missions,” said Charles Dean, AeroVironment’s vice president of global business development and sales at UAS. “The new Mantis i45 N changes the game when working in low light or night ISRs, providing increased situational awareness and enhanced threat detection in any environment.”

Mantis i45 N, as well as its daily version, on the principle of plow and play, which eliminates the need for software updates. Both night and day surveillance systems are fully compatible with another development of the company – Crysalis, which is also the next generation but is designed for ground control.


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