New Israeli EW system jammed hundreds of targets at once

TEL AVIV, ($1=3.09 Israeli Shekels) – The Israeli company IAI has developed an electronic warfare system based on the existing Scorpius, which can send a special beam to jam dozens or hundreds of targets in the sky, learned, citing a statement from the IAI.

New Israeli EW system jammed hundreds of targets at once
Photo credit: IAI

“You can detect anything that’s happening all over the sky, even tens or hundreds of targets and you can send each one of them a dedicated narrow jamming beam,” IAI explains. “Instead of targeting a single or just a couple of targets, you can now detect and address and disable [multiple targets.”

The new system has two modifications – Scorpius G, which is intended for use by the Ground forces, and Scorpius N, which is intended for use by the Navy. The IAI says that the technology is based on an active electronically scanned array or AESA. reminds you that AESA radars are the most commonly used in modern fighters manufactured by the United States, NATO, and more recently by Russia. They have the function of intercepting tens and hundreds of targets simultaneously, as the feedback is collected on the entire plane of the radar grid.

You should know that the AESA type radars developed by Israeli companies have been widely used among the Israeli military for many years. The infamous Iron Dome air defense system has such radar integration that it has allowed the Israeli military to successfully deal with the latest rockets attacks from Gaza.

The IAI’s new EW system is a kind of revolution in the development of such systems. Of course, until now, most EW systems could fly one, maximum of two targets into the air, which meant difficult operation of the system. Ie If you intercept an enemy target in the air, you must reorient the radar to search for and intercept another enemy target.

Scorpius G and Scorpius N eliminate this delay and this large window through which an enemy target can be struck to strike military units. both systems build a single balloon spanning a wide perimeter of airspace and intercepting hundreds of air targets simultaneously.

According to the IAI, the two new EW systems have such great capabilities and applications that we may be talking about a completely new product category. The company confirms that the two Scorpius modifications are designed to catch everything in the air – physical drones, planes, missiles, or other types of ammunition, as well as any devices that also use radar technology.

The Scorpius G is currently mounted on a truck, the system, in general, is designed to be highly modular and IAI says that it’s conceivable that it could be installed at different sizes, weights, and complexities on platforms of varying size and capacity. If it could be scaled down small enough, it could even protect a single vehicle or could be installed on one vehicle to protect a larger convoy.

New Israeli EW system jammed hundreds of targets at once
Photo credit: IAI

The maritime-optimized Scorpius N is intended to defend warships against advanced threats, including cruise missiles, drones, and airborne imaging radars. Here, the particular advantage offered by AESA technology is the ability to tackle threats at a longer range than was normally possible in the past.


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