Italy is giving $ 6 billion for new tanks and armored vehicles

ROME, ($1=0.87 Euros) – Italy is ready to spend about 6 billion euros to buy almost 700 new armored vehicles, learned, citing Defense Express.

According to the plans for the development of the national armed forces, the Italian Ministry of Defense wants to find a replacement for its Dardo infantry fighting vehicles and Ariete tanks by 2023.

The Italian military wants to buy a total of 679 new combat vehicles and is willing to spend about 6 billion euros on this purchase. There is no clear limit on how long such machines should be delivered.

What combat vehicle can succeed the OBT Ariete, in particular, what should be its characteristics and external parameters – there is no data yet. But recently, a graphic rendering of a new BMP for the Italian army, which is being developed as part of the AICS project, has appeared in the public domain.

As we can see from this render, the promising combat vehicle under the AICS project looks almost no different from the Dardo BMP from the outside.

But the Italian military wants their newest BMPs to perform a much wider range of functions than their predecessors: a platform for a self-propelled mortar or anti-aircraft artillery, mine trawling and reconnaissance, infantry support, and the role of a mobile command post.

It is worth recalling that Italy began programs to develop and manufacture its Ariete tanks and Dardo infantry fighting vehicles in the 1980s, went into series production only in the early 2000s, and production volumes were slightly less than planned. For example, the plan for the production of Dardo BMP was for 500 cars only 200 cars were produced; the plan to produce 200 Ariete tanks was fully implemented.

It is obvious that this armored program of Italy was based on the realities of the Cold War, so its implementation “slipped” in the relatively “peaceful” 2000s.

Now, it seems, the Italian Ministry of Defense wants to “replay” the situation, implement a much larger program in a much shorter period, and at the same time – to halve the fleet of its tracked armored vehicles.


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