US missile spy ship received a budget to spy on Russia and China

WASHINGTON – At the end of October this year, the US Air Force signed a $ 340 million contract with the defense company Raytheon Intelligence & Space for Mobile Sensors, learned, citing Defense Express.

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The Pentagon wants to monitor the launches of space and combat missiles of its probable opponents – China, Russia, and North Korea – around the clock and all 365 days a year.

Under this program, Raytheon Intelligence & Space until 2031 will provide technical support and improvement of the Cobra King radar system installed on the USNS Howard O. Lorenzen [T-AGM-25] and designed to track ballistic and space missile launches, writes the portal Defense Brief.

In other words, the purpose of this contract – the Pentagon wants to monitor “24 hours a day, 7 days a week – 365 days a year” missile launches of its potential adversaries, such as China, Russia, or North Korea.

Formally, the USNS ship Howard O. Lorenzen belongs to the US Navy, but the Cobra King system on this ship is “attributed” to the US Air Force.

The Cobra King system was launched in 2014 and is part of the Pentagon’s space and ballistic missile tracking system. In addition to the “sea” Cobra King, this system also includes ground radar stations Cobra Ball, Cobra Shoe, and Cobra Dane.

Russia suspected the US of preparing a military operation

“The unprecedented exercises of the West in the Black Sea are preparations for a comprehensive operation against Russia with the participation of Ukraine,” military expert Viktor Murakhovsky said on November 10 this year. On Wednesday, a US E-8C reconnaissance and strike control aircraft approached the Russian border amid high US activity in the Black Sea.

The E-8 Joint Stars combat control and target designation aircraft used by the United States over the Black Sea is equipped with a side-looking radar, which allows you to see objects on the ground for several hundred kilometers. Also, from this aircraft, you can control strike formations, tactical and strategic aviation, ground-based cruise and ballistic missiles. This suggests that the United States and NATO, with the involvement of Ukraine and Georgia, are preparing a so-called multi-sphere military operation against Russia,” explained a member of the expert council of the board of the Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation.

The interlocutor recalled that NATO conducts daily reconnaissance of Russia’s southern borders with the help of Global Hawk strategic drones taking off from the Sigonella airbase in Sicily, as well as from an RC-135 electronic reconnaissance aircraft based in Greece.

The expert noted that what is happening in the Black Sea now does not look like regular exercises of the North Atlantic Alliance. “There was no such large-scale involvement of forces in this area before. Also in these “maneuvers” are strategic bombers B-1B. The NATO exercise schedule, which is being drawn up for the year ahead, did not include this event. These unscheduled alliance maneuvers and the use of the Turkish Bayraktar drones by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Donbas are links in the same chain in the integrated reconnaissance of Russia’s southern borders, ”the analyst said.

Recall, on November 9, a reconnaissance plane for ground targets and control of striking the E-8C of the US Air Force was discovered over the Black Sea, the Ministry of Defense said. The American plane patrolled the airspace over the Black Sea for 5 hours 13 minutes. The minimum approach to the Russian border was 35 kilometers.

“Throughout the entire flight over the Black Sea, the US Air Force reconnaissance aircraft was accompanied by radar equipment of the anti-aircraft missile forces of the Russian Aerospace Forces,” the Defense Ministry noted.

In addition, the US Navy destroyer Porter has been in the Black Sea since October 30, the tanker John Lenthall entered the tanker on November 3, and the US Sixth Fleet headquarters ship Mount Whitney arrived on November 4, the Defense Department said.

Earlier, on November 6, to improve the methods of using strategic bomber aircraft in the skies over the sea, flights of two B-1B strategic bombers of the American Air Force were carried out, the Russian military department said. The flights took place just 100 kilometers from the Russian border.

The maneuvers involve the armed forces of the US regional NATO allies: Turkey, Romania, and Bulgaria, as well as two “partner” post-Soviet countries – Ukraine and Georgia. On Sunday, the command ship Mount Whitney and the destroyer Porter entered the port of Batumi. What is happening looks like unscheduled actions to create a multinational group of armed forces near the borders of Russia, the RF Ministry of Defense stated.


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