Turkey: We have to instill fear, we will robotize our army

ANKARA, ($1=9.98 Turkish Liras) – Turkey continues to arm its army with modern weapons systems, next in line – several robotic platforms of various classes, learned BulgarianMilitary.com, citing Defense Express.

The Turkish defense industry will mass-produce many ground, light, medium, and heavy unmanned combat platforms for its law enforcement agencies. So, on Tuesday, November 9, in the office of the Turkish defense company FNSS Defense Systems, an agreement was signed on the serial production of such machines.

As noted by the head of the Department of Defense Industry of Turkey Ismail Demir, Turkish experts have created a line of prototypes of ground combat platforms of various sizes and loads.

“Our goal is to instill fear in the enemy, to provide the army with technological developments that allow us to minimize losses, remain invisible and cause maximum damage to the enemy,” said Ismail Demir.

It is now known that the Turkish Defense Industry Department has agreed to mass-produce heavy platforms with FNSS, and with ASELSAN, Best Grup, Elektroland, and HAVELSAN – medium platforms. However, the event was also attended by other companies that are manufacturers of light and medium robotic platforms.

The United States is the most advanced

The American army is unconditionally considered the strongest and most advanced in the world. In terms of the introduction of all new technologies, futuristic projects and robotics in particular, it is the US Army that is considered the pioneer. So, judging by the statement of the Pentagon press service, the United States is preparing to introduce robotic artillery, as we reported in September last year.

For the first time, futuristic technologies of unmanned combat began to be used in the development of artillery troops, reports comandir.com. Previously, a pilot-operator of the system was always required to operate artillery in combat.

The first thing that will improve the robotic unmanned artillery of the future is the mobility of combat, informs comandir.com. Artillery barrage is considered the most vulnerable and immobile type of troops in combat. The deployment of anti-aircraft systems, the operator’s headquarters and other elements created a stable position for the army, which is very long and costly to move.

Robotic complexes, as planned by the Pentagon, will move around like typical military drones. After testing the system, it is assumed that such artillery will gradually switch to an automatic mode not only for movement across the battlefield, but also for automatic shelling of the enemy, reports comandir.com.

Mike Murray, General of the US Army and Head of Advanced Development, personally announced that a prototype of the first robotic installation will be tested in exercises as early as October 2020.

Most of the work on the new system, which is actively being prepared for future implementation in all regiments of the US Army, was carried out by IT specialists, informs comandir.com. According to Murray, this is a requirement of the new era, in which war is becoming an increasingly technological action.


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