Threat to Taiwan: China builds own terrifying apocalypse torpedo

BEIJING, ($1=6.40 Chinese Yuans) – Specialists from the People’s Liberation Army of China conducted a unique test – they detonated a powerful non-nuclear charge underwater to simulate the destruction of a port with a closed harbor, learned, citing the Chinese state news agency Global Times. The Chinese are working on a “miracle weapon” that will help destroy aircraft carriers and US naval bases, as the agency says.

This test was conducted as part of the development of weapons that will help destroy enemy naval bases and aircraft carriers. This was reported by the Chinese portal Global Times.

It is noted that before this underwater explosion, about 1,000 sensors were installed, which performed all possible measurements for scientific modeling of subsequent underwater explosions.

The Chinese claim that they managed to “erase from the face of the earth” all the coastal infrastructure of the port where the test took place in one underwater explosion. However, what kind of port it was – Chinese resources do not disclose.

China became the first country to conduct tests to destroy the coastal infrastructure of ports with an underwater explosion. The Chinese say that such developments are directly aimed at deterring the United States during the coming war at sea.

From these words, we can assume that China is developing its latest “miracle weapon” in case of a “great war” for Taiwan against the United States.

And, China, either conceptually or technologically, in this case, is trying to copy the Russian system “Status-6”, also known as “Poseidon” – an unmanned “super-torpedo” with a nuclear engine, which is also designed to defeat the navy bases and destruction of enemy ships at anchor. The Kremlin is also “targeting” such a “super-torpedo” against the United States.

Poseidon is a nuclear warhead

In general, this is the opinion that had spread in recent years. Please don’t take it literally. According to the Russians, Poseidon is a torpedo capable of carrying a “multi-megaton nuclear warhead.”

A similar opinion was expressed last year by a Pentagon official. Christopher Ford, an assistant secretary of state, said Poseidon would trigger a tsunami by blowing himself up near the shore. Fearing that he would cross oceans freely, the American politician expressed his concern about the American coastline’s security. He thus described the “doomsday” torpedo as a real threat to the United States.

If this information is correct, let us remind you of something – Russia is building four submarine carriers, which must carry a total of 12 torpedoes with nuclear “multi-megaton” warheads.

Russian military analyst Dmitry Litovkin claims that Poseidon has another vital function – to sleep. According to him, the nuclear torpedo can lie on the seabed for years, despite its nuclear reactor. This feature makes the torpedo “invisible” to naval radars. Thus, the torpedo is at rest in standby mode and expects a “call” from Moscow.

It’s a reconnaissance station

Russian scientist Pavel Luzin made a similar statement. He is a military expert from Russia and a lecturer at Perm University. The American publication Forbes is citing his opinion.

According to Luzin, the purpose of the torpedo is a deep-sea station that has no human staff. However, this means, as David Axe claims in his Forbes article, that Poseidon will play the role of a perfect spy machine, tracking the behavior of enemy fleets over him. In this way, the torpedo carriers – the two submarines – also become reconnaissance submarines.

In the middle of last year, we announced that Russia was conducting tests on submarine drones to monitor the seabed in the Black Sea. According to a statement from the Russian Defense Ministry at the time, the tested drones would “monitor and analyze the underwater situation.”

Another important quote from a Moscow press release states that drones have tested in the Black Sea must “show the effectiveness and respond to threats in underwater areas.” According to experts, these tests aimed to show underwater drones’ ability to “count” which objects are large and not on the surface of the water.

The U.S.: It’s another hybrid Russian grotesque

There are two facts so far – Russia is building a second submarine to “carry” the torpedo, and Russia is building a quay to house the two subs. These two facts eliminate the question of whether Moscow is developing Poseidon.

The problem is that we do not know what exactly Poseidon is? David Axe writes in his article, “that Moscow is willing to spend billions of dollars building Poseidon-carriers — together representing more than a tenth of the overall future undersea fleet — is a testimony to the importance of Putin’s regime places on the doomsday torpedo.”

According to the dimensions announced for Poseidon, these torpedoes will take up a lot of space in their future submarines, which makes the subs practically unusable for nothing else.

Kingston Rafe is an American expert on nuclear research. He claims that the whole project Poseidon – torpedoes and submarines-carriers is a large-scale Russian project. However, according to him, Poseidon is a “Russian grotesque” aimed at “heavy US investment in missile defense.”

Rafe says that with the weakened US air defenses and Poseidon’s current construction, Putin wants to have an “insurance policy” against Washington and a possible ballistic missile downing.


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