Turkey has developed a drone that shoots down other drones [video]

ANKARA, ($1=9.14 Turkish Liras) – A new Fedai multi-role drone designed to provide UAV protection has been unveiled in Turkey and will soon begin flight tests, learned BulgarianMilitary.com, citing Defense Express. Havelsan and Transvaro presented the new tool and concept at the 3rd Military Radar and Border Security Summit in Ankara, Turkey on October 5-7. Fedai will protect critical infrastructure or important institutions.

Turkey has developed a drone that shoots down other drones
Photo credit: Defense Express

The complex is designed to counter and neutralize the threats of unmanned aerial vehicles. The drone itself is part of a broader system that detects and destroys drones. It can also be used to destroy ground targets.

Guray Ali Kanli, a member of Transvaro’s board that makes Fedai, told the Turkish news agency Anadolu that the drone has a special system designed to stop drone attacks, but the drone itself can be used as an attacker if needed.

He said Fedai’s main task was to remove barrages of ammunition and drones, but by changing the warhead, Fedai could also be used as an anti-tank, anti-infantry defense system, or as a strike force.

“Fedai’s wing and target tracking mechanism is different from all other products,” Kenley said, adding that when a threat approaches, Fedai directs it with its optical search engine.

A Transvaro spokesman said the company would demonstrate the downing of a real drone later this month, adding that the Fedai UAVs were entirely designed by Turkish engineers.

Havelsan spokesman Nezi Sisman, on the other hand, said the idea was based on Havelsan’s goal of developing a system to protect critical infrastructure or other important facilities.

The system will use artificial intelligence to identify and classify targets. It will work on the following principle:

  • the approach of the unmanned aerial vehicle will be detected by radar;
  • The radar transmits data to the electron-optical complex, which will lead to the launch of Fedai;
  • Fedai will be aimed at the target to neutralize it.

The choice of time and place of detonation will be determined with a kamikaze drone after a visual scan of the target. To scan, it must be within 40 meters of the target. The kamikaze drone will be useful in applying UAV signal attenuation.

Fedai starts from a container and has a folding rotating wing. It can be launched through the integrated UAV detection and protection system developed by HAVELSAN and in the course of the mission, before reaching the target directly, it can be redirected to other targets. After capturing the target, Fedai moves on to self-tracking and content.

According to the manufacturer, the device develops a speed of up to 100 km / h. Maximum flight altitude – 500 meters. The distance the plane can travel – up to 40 km, flight time – 1 hour. It is known that the weight of the electron-optical head is 1.5 kg.

Earlier, BulgarianMilitary.com reported that during a military radar and border security summit in Ankara, Turkey, on October 5-7, Ankara-based Meteksan Defense and Istanbul-based engineering company UNIDEF unveiled a new joint concept for a semi-automatic system. for border protection – a compact combination of modern radar and machine guns used to detect and destroy border trespassers.


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