Indian aircraft carrier is ready, working on a 5th gen deck fighter

NEW DELHI, ($1=75.42 Indian Rupees) – The Indian Ministry of Defense has announced the completion of the first phase of testing of the aircraft carrier INS Vikrant, the first ship of its kind built on the capacity of the Indian defense industry, learned The entire cycle of tests should be completed by the first quarter of 2022, then transfer to the client – is scheduled for April next year, according to the portal Defense Aviation Post.

It is noted that the final commissioning of the aircraft carrier INS Vikrant is scheduled for August 2022, just before the 75th anniversary of India’s independence.

During the third phase of testing, scheduled for December 2021, INS Vikrant will conduct test flights of the aircraft of the future air group of this ship.

However, it is not yet known which tactical aircraft will be chosen for the aircraft carrier Vikrant-French Rafale or Russian MiG-29K, or perhaps even F / A-18E / F Super Hornet from Boeing. Moreover, in late 2020, the Americans announced that they had adapted their deck planes to take off from a springboard instead of a catapult. also announced that India is starting to develop its own TEDBF 5th generation deck fighter. The first flight of the prototype is expected in 2026.

The TEDBF aircraft is positioned as a replacement for the MiG-29K fighter, and also as an alternative to the Tejas Navy test aircraft, which proved to be a failed “deck” adaptation of the “land” Tejas fighter.

F/A-18 takes off from a ski-jump ramp

The most significant breakthrough last year was made by Boeing, which managed to produce a model of the F-18 Super Hornet, capable of taking off from a short track in the form of a ski jump hill.

This breakthrough seriously jeopardizes the market position of the Russian MiGs in the country of the “sacred cow,” as until 2020, only they were famous for the functionality of their MiG-29K for “short takeoff.”

India buys six maritime patrol bombers

The Indian Navy will be armed with six new Marine Boeing P-8I Patrols worth $ 2.42 billion. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency of the US Department of Defense announced on May 1st this year.

According to the circulated announcement, the deal also includes joint tactical radio systems, sensors for warning of a raid attack, built-in GPS systems, and inertial navigation systems. Engines, tactical software, electro-optical and infrared devices, speakers, and radar warning systems are also part of India’s package.

The P-8I Patrol is also known as a reconnaissance aircraft, and older veterans in the United States call it a patrol bomber. Its missions are mainly related to conducting submarine and anti-ship wars and at long distances.

The P-8I Patrol’s standard equipment includes torpedoes, anti-ship missiles, and in some cases, the United States uses it to launch a Northrop Grumman MQ-4C Triton coast and open ocean surveillance drone. However, it is not clear whether the Indians have the necessary weapons or will be the subject of another deal.


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