Turkey has captured six Russian spies for espionage

ANKARA, ($1=8.99 Turkish Liras) – Six foreign nationals with Russian passports have been detained in Turkey on suspicion of espionage, learned BulgarianMilitary.com, citing a CNN Turk news release. The arrest operation was carried out by Turkish special services in Istanbul and Antalya. The nationality of the detainees is not reported.

The TV channel claims that weapons and passports of the Russian Federation were found in the detainees during the operation. However, CNN Turk clarified that it is currently unclear whether the documents are original or forged.

The Turkish TV channel reports that the detainees planned attacks on foreigners to obtain classified information. They are accused of “political and military espionage.”

Ukraine also captured Russian spies

As we reported in February this year, a Russian military intelligence agent was detained in Kharkiv, Ukraine, while trying to access the technical documentation of a Ukrainian-made T-84BM Oplot tank.

According to the published material of Dylan Malyasov, the Ukrainian security service, known as the SBU, prevented the attempt of the Russian military agent to obtain the documentation mentioned above of the Ukrainian tank.

Ukrainian media reported that the captured Russian military spy had acted as an illegal agent of the General Staff of the Armed Forces [GRU] of the Russian Federation.

According to the SBU, the Russian spy tried to recruit an employee of the Ukrainian company Kharkiv Morozov, which is developing the modern Ukrainian tank. The SBU found out about this experience and set a trap for the spy. The Ukrainian agency controlled a developed event for the transmission of falsified information to the Russian spy.

Bulgarian military captured a group of Russian spies

As we reported in March this year, for the first time in the new Bulgarian history, a spy group of active military and senior government officials who spied for Russia benefit was captured.

The group, which includes active military personnel, has set up an intelligence network, said Prosecutor General’s spokeswoman Mrs. Siika Mileva. Currently, a total of 6 people had charged, 5 of whom are in custody. The head is a former senior Bulgarian military intelligence officer who graduated from a school in Moscow years ago. He is now a lecturer, including in operational disciplines in military intelligence.

The prosecution calls him a Resident. His main task was to build an illegal intelligence network. He recruited individuals who had access to classified information from Bulgaria, NATO, and the EU. The Resident’s wife, who also has Bulgarian and Russian citizenship, also took part in the spy group. According to the state prosecution, she was an intermediary between the Resident and an employee of the Russian embassy in Bulgaria, passing information and money. Mileva released footage of conversations between the Resident and his wife and a video in which she visited the Russian embassy.


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