Russia is creating an anti-ship hypersonic missile for Su-57

MOSCOW, ($1= 71.71 Russian Rubles) – The Russian Tactical Missile Weapons Corporation is developing a new hypersonic missile for fifth-generation Su-57 fighters, learned, citing Russia’s Izvestia news agency. The Izvestia citing its source in the industrial complex. The source says the rocket has a speed that is at least five times faster than sound.

The new anti-ship hypersonic weapon is being implemented as part of the Larva-MD research and development activity. The product is currently in the testing phase of the model and has not yet been subjected to flight tests.

This missile is likely to fly at speeds five or more times the sound and “will become virtually invulnerable to modern air defense and missile defense systems.” In the future, this ammunition should replace the supersonic anti-ship missile X-31.

It is now known that the second stage of DKR “Larva-MD” will start in 2019. The so-called “Product 70” from the machine-building KB “Union” is used as an engine in the rocket. It is a direct-flow air-jet engine that is used as a power plant in many Russian hypersonic weapon systems, including the Kremlin complex. Product 70 is currently under fire testing.

It is noted that the range of the missile will be several hundred kilometers. The two letters “MD” in the name of the missile probably indicate short-range ammunition.

From Moscow to Washington in 15 minutes

The Chinese portal Sina was surprised at the capabilities of the Russian military complexes “Sarmat”, “Avangard” and “Yars”. The authors of the article note that Russian complexes are extremely dangerous for the enemy, their flight range is more than ten thousand kilometers.

“The Avangard missile is capable of reaching Washington in 15 minutes. During this time, the Americans will not even have time to drink a cup of coffee, and even more so they will not be able to repel the Russian rocket,” the article says.

The author is convinced that the American air defenses will not have time to intercept the Avangard attack, and the American coastal areas will be defenseless against the Russian complex.

Russia increases the number of its hypersonic Kinzhal air missiles

As Mikhail Popov, deputy secretary of the Security Council reported on July 15 Russia is increasing the number of long-range high-precision weapons, including Kinzhal hypersonic systems.

“Troops are regularly supplied with modern weapons and military equipment. The latest strategic missile systems are ready, the number of Dagger hypersonic missile strike aircraft complexes, as well as ships equipped with long-range precision weapons, is increasing,” Popov said in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Popov added that Russia “is ahead of many of the world’s leading armies in developing new weapons with a much smaller military budget.”

“In the National Security Strategy, one of the main strategic national priorities remains the country’s defense. In this regard, the Strategy sets the task of maintaining leadership in the development and production of new (promising) weapons, military, and special equipment and the political and psychological state of servicemen,” added the Deputy Secretary of the Security Council.

This missile is a serious problem for NATO countries, which must take appropriate countermeasures the Polish expert Jakub Palovski said two years ago.


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