DPRK warship in the Sea of ​​Japan is worrying Japan’s coast guard

TOKYO, ($1=111.76 Japanese Yens) – A ship of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) armed with portable anti-aircraft missile systems has appeared in the Yamatotai fishing zone. This has caused Japan’s coast guard to increase the level of danger to Japanese fishermen in the region. BulgarianMilitary.com learned the news from NHK TV, which in turn used sources.

The appearance of the North Korean warship is not unusual against the background of what is happening this year. Experts have noticed that there are no more North Korean fishermen in the Yamototai area, who often fish there. Instead, instead of fishing boats, experts noticed “other ships” connected to the DPRK authorities.

The Japanese Coast Guard has managed to intercept one of these North Korean ships. Using reconnaissance methods, the Japanese sailors found that a portable anti-aircraft complex model SA-16 was located onboard the ship. SA-16 has a range of astonishing force of 4.5 kilometers. Precisely because of the emergence of such armed North Korean vessels, Tokyo has decided to strengthen the coast guard and increase the combat readiness of its naval forces.

Yamototai is an area that, despite illegal North Korean fishermen, is classified as an exclusive economic zone. The Japanese do not bother North Korean fishermen often, who mainly hunt squid, and other seafood in Yamototai.

China: Japan may lose Hokkaido Island

Japan may lose Hokkaido Island if it does not stop provocations near the Russian borders. For many years Russia and Japan have been unable to resolve the territorial dispute over the Kuril Islands. Because of this situation, a peace treaty has not yet been signed, which threatens to turn into not the most pleasant consequences. According to experts, a small spark will be enough to provoke a severe conflict.

“If Japan provokes a conflict with Russia over the four northern islands, then its consequences will be obvious a day after it started. Tokyo will be very lucky if it manages to keep Hokkaido under its control,” Sina analysts share their thoughts.

If Japan tries to take the Kuril Islands by force, then this task will hardly be an easy walk. Sina estimates there are 4,000 Russian troops in the region. Besides, the Bal and Bastion anti-ship complexes are locating here, and a large number of various heavy equipment, such as tanks and self-propelled artillery. However, if the Japanese army can, unnoticed by its enemy, gather large forces in the area of ​​the Russian borders and conduct a surprise landing operation, then, in theory, they will be able to achieve partial success. But it’s not that simple.

“The Russian Federation will quickly react to this aggression, and Japan will have to face the wrath of one of the leading military powers in the world,” the authors of Sina state.

Moscow will immediately send combat ships and submarines of the Russian Pacific Fleet to the conflict zone. The Russian military can also carry out a missile attack on the enemy. The Japanese group could retreat, and the landing force that has landed on the Kuril Islands will surround and neutralize in a matter of hours. Further, the Russian army is unlikely to prevent something from taking control of Japan’s second-largest island – Hokkaido.

“Japan will have to pay too high a price for trying to seize the Kuril Islands,” summed up the Chinese military experts.


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