Will the Russian Su-75 fly to Turkey? Erdogan sends some signals

ANKARA, ($1=8.89 Turkish Liras) – After it became clear that Ankara would order an additional batch of S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems from Moscow, as expected, during the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the newest fifth-generation Russian fighter Su-75 Checkmate came into discussion.

BulgarianMilitary.com learned from its sources in the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation that the Su-75 was proposed as a possible option for the Turkish Air Force.

Erdogan continues to signal to his Western allies that Turkey is looking for solutions to its defense, not looking for political partnerships. Proof of this is the purchase of Russian S-400 air defense systems and the order of a new batch. It is no secret that Turkey and Russia have long been discussing the possibility of joint production of air defense systems.

Another signal from Erdogan is read in the Greek media. Enikos concludes that “the Russification of the Turkish defense is advancing at the air force level and the new Russian Su-75 is a candidate for new fighters in Turkey. In the end, the Turkish president himself gave impetus to the discussions, saying characteristically: they should also know [referring to the United States and the new White House administration – ed.] That the old Turkey no longer exists.”

BulgarianMilitary.com reminds you that Turkey needs new fighters. At the moment, the Turkish Air Force is flying an F-16, and quite a few of them only two years ago was preparing to fly an F-35. However, the United States expelled Turkey from the F-35 program after Ankara did not accept an offer to buy US Patriot air defense systems and eventually bought Russian anti-aircraft missile systems.

Turkey becomes the first country to openly declare that a new Russian fighter jet would be of interest to it. Erdogan is not the first to be expelled from Erdogan. We remind you that Turkish analysts and the media have repeatedly said until years ago that Ankara was interested in the Su-35 and Su-57.

BulgarianMilitary.com knows from its sources in the Russian Ministry of Defense that talks have been held between the two countries on cooperation in the field of aircraft construction, as well as the possibility of Russia supplying engines to Turkey.

Erdogan has reason to seek Russian assistance in the field of military-industrial design and production. It is known that Russia is much easier to provide Russian technology to foreign countries than the United States.

The problem for Ankara is the deadline. Russia intends to begin mass production of the Su-75 Checkmate sometime around 2035-2036. And this only on condition that the Russians have placed orders. Whether this period suits Erdogan will be clear in Turkey’s budget tables in the next two years. But Ankara cannot afford to acquire a fighter jet at any cost, especially if only the Russian option is on the negotiating table.

Such action would deepen the crisis between Turkey, the United States, and NATO. Therefore, perhaps later there will be another opportunity for the Turks – the next-generation South Korean fighter, whose prototypes are already conducting their tests.


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