Difficult-to-intercept guided Russian missile is testing in Syria

DAMASCUS, ($1=1,257.86 Syrian Pounds) – Less than 24 hours ago, our field source in northwestern Syria, Idlib province, reported the presence of Russian Ka-52 helicopters. According to him [the source], strikes against pro-Turkish fighters in the region are imminent. So far we are talking about noticed, confirmed, and documented presence of two Ka-52s.

Difficult-to-intercept guided Russian missile is testing in Syria
Two Ka-52 helicopters over Idlib, photo credit: field source

The appearance of these helicopters can mean many things, but we can not fail to note the following assumption – does not Moscow test in upcoming air strikes its latest guided missile, known as the Izdelie 305?

Izdelie 305 [a Product 305 in the Russian language – ed.] was introduced for the first time last year. We know from sources in the Russian Ministry of Defense that the guided-missile will become part of the arsenal of this particular helicopter model. It is assumed that in time Izdelie 305 will become part of the armament of Mi-28H helicopters, as well as an export version will be developed.

The Izdelie 305

The Izdelie 305 was originally designed to equip special versions of Mi-8 helicopters [Mi-8MNP-2 and others] of the Russian Air Force. The light multi-role guided missiles consider as one of the main types of guided weapons of modernized Mi-28NM and Ka-52M helicopters of the Russian Air Force.

The missile is launching from helicopters from APU-305 launchers, designed for one or two missiles. The missile guidance system is combined and has inertial-satellite guidance. A homing thermal imaging head uses to aim at the captured target. The missile is accompanied by a radio channel and at the end of the aiming area, it is possible to be re-aimed by the helicopter crew. The standard model of the application is the launch on a visually visible target.

There is an export version of a light multi-role guided missile is under index 305E. The missile weighs 105 kg, length 945 mm, body diameter 200 mm. The mass of high-explosive warheads is 25 kg. The solid propellant engine provides flight speed up to 250 m / sec, the declared controlled firing range up to 14500 m, flight altitude from 100 to 600 m.

According to our field source, there are indeed airstrikes in Idlib. Izdelie 305 is suitable for “clearing” areas with a well-concealed enemy. Ie this guided missile can be used to strike after the withdrawal of the enemy’s main army – the destruction of armored vehicles and shelters.

Reason for presumed test

There is good reason to believe that the Russians will conduct a combat test of Izdelie 305. As we announced in mid-September this year, a Chinese delegation visited the manufacturer of the Ka-52 helicopter – the Progress plant in Primorye.

Sources claim that the Chinese intend to buy 36 Russian Ka-52 helicopters. Izdelie 305 has been part of the armament of the Ka-52 since 2020 when the state tests of the combat attack helicopters themselves were completed.

However, the Izdelie 305 has not been tested in a combat situation, and Syria and the northwestern part of the country are currently suitable for this. The very fact that two helicopters have appeared in the area speaks of the desire of the Russians to confirm the combat characteristics and strike force of the cruise missile.


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