Is this the secret NGAD fighter jet of the US? Probably not

WASHINGTON – An interestingly shaped object, resembling the concept of a future sixth-generation fighter or probably one of its elements, has been spotted at one of Lockheed Martin’s sites, learned

According to The War Zone, the video with this object was first posted on the popular social network TikTok and then found its way into other social networks, including Twitter.

Yes, a user of this social network compares buildings and other sites in the region using open source information and concludes that the video was shot in Helendale, on one of Lockheed Martin’s sites, near the reflective study complex the abilities of aircraft.

The object in the video looks like an inverted stealth figure – this transport is not uncommon for this type of test, as the gliders are partially installed upside down at test sites in Hillandale and other similar objects [such as in the video below].

This object [or test model] is probably not very secret, as it is transported in broad daylight when it can be seen by contractors and workers.

The mysteries surrounding the sixth-generation American fighter jet

There are many mysteries. For example, no official document provides information on the manufacturer of this fighter or the manufacturers’ group. All that is known is that in the coming years (2021-2025), the US Government plans nearly $ 10 billion for this project. In the current 2021, the United States will allocate $ 1 billion under the NGAD program, and for the next $ 1.5 billion has been requested.

The USAF report we are quoting presents a conceptual image of the 6th generation fighter. But it also does not provide the necessary information. We can see only a fighter jet with two engines and a flying wing-like design. But the French edition reminds us that the presented sketch profile reminds us of a suspicious flying object shot in the distant 2008 in the sky over California.

A family of capabilities that will provide air superiority in the most difficult operational environment,” the report said. Mention is again made of digital engineering and flexible software development, which should greatly facilitate developing and integrating the future fighter into the US Air Force. The report argues that these “short cycles” (digital engineering and flexible open-source software – ed.) Make it possible to reduce operational experiments and prototyping risks.

40 percent human-crewed aircraft, 60 percent drones

We remind you that Pentagon initially included the US Navy in the NGAD program, but it turned out that the needs of the Navy are not precisely the same as those of aviation. However, the signals that are reaching us are that in the coming years, American aviation may drastically change the ratio of the type of aircraft used – 40% human-crewed aircraft and 60% uncrewed aerial vehicles.


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