Iran copies Steyr sniper rifle and delivers it to conflict zones

TEHRAN, ($1=42,190.00 Iranian Rials) – A new report by Conflict Armament Research (CAR) reveals the delivery of an Iranian sniper rifle in the conflict zones in the Middle East, learned, citing the report.

Iran copies Steyr sniper rifle and delivers it to conflict zones
Photo credit: Wikipedia

According to the authors of the report “Iranian AM-50 12.7 × 99 mm anti-material rifle” In 2004, the Austrian company Steyr Mannlicher sold 800 units of its new HS .50 sniper rifle to the Iranian government. In the following years, a well-known practice followed in this part of the world – Iranian engineers and designers were hired to copy the Australian sniper rifle. This is how the Iranian AM-50 sniper rifle was born – a complete copy of the Steyr HS .50.

The report is a complete description of the Iranian AM-50 sniper rifle – from its finished and assembled form to its complete disassembly and analysis of the last nut, part of the rifle’s construction. According to the authors of the report, this analysis gives a very clear idea of ​​how Iranian engineers work in this field, their thinking, and the direction of Iranian production of local light automatic and semi-automatic weapons.

The report’s authors note differences that would not impress people outside the defense business. For example, the production of some components of the structure of the sniper rifle show shortcomings and poor manufacturing performance. How the barrel and hull of the AM-50 were assembled shows that they were made in different places in Iran [different production facilities] and most likely did not coordinate and coordinate their actions, or followed some detailed planning framework in the construction.

The authors of the report note that the same condition applies to sniper rifle accessories. For example, the optical sight used with the AM-50 is not at all adapted to serve a long-range rifle or a rifle of a similar caliber.

“The level of threat posed by a weapon system depends greatly on the end user’s ability to maintain and operate it. In this case, mismatched critical components and a repaired bolt handle suggest improper care. Furthermore, the rifle was fitted with an optical sight unsuitable for military use. The poor mechanical condition of the weapon is compounded by production flaws, notably in the surface treatment applied to its aluminum and steel components. If better-maintained examples of the AM-50 are in use with trained operators, this weapon could pose a significant risk to personnel at ranges exceeding those of assault rifles,” the report said.

According to the CAR, Iran has successfully copied the Austrian HS .50 sniper rifle as much as it can and according to the capabilities of Iranian scientists. The SAR report says the AM-50 has been sold by Iran in various conflict zones, most notably in the Middle East. The usual recipients of the AM-50 are not government troops, but groups backed by Iran or close to Tehran’s policy, the report said.


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