Putin’s media – B-2 Spirit ‘brutally crashed after rolling on the track’

MOSCOW, ($1=72.88 Russian Rubles) – Late in the day on September 14, it was reported that the American stealth bomber B-2 Spirit had an accident during a landing at the Whitman Air Force Base in Missouri. BulgarianMilitary.com decided not to cover the incident because there was no sensational news – a bomber landed on the runway, a problem arose that forced the pilots to “park” the expensive machine in the lawns.

Aviapro shared this video to describe the B-2 Spirit on September 14. This video is actually from February 23, 2008 in Anderson AFB in Guam

However, this is not the case in the eyes of Russian online publications, known for their proximity to the Kremlin and propaganda news over the years. According to the Russian newspaper Aviapro, this was a brutal incident – a winter accident, several rolls on the runway, a fire, an explosion, and accidentally – rescued pilots.

Aviapro is distributing a video showing a B-2 Spirit trying to land on a runway, tilting its left wing to the ground, breaking its left wing, and crashing badly into the ground. Aviapro claims that this is the video from September 14.

This is not true. The video, which is shared in the Russian media, is genuine but is from an incident on February 23, 2008, with a B-2 Mishap at Andersen Air Base in Guam. This video has nothing to do with the September 14 incident. Aviapro’s editors have deliberately cut out some footage from the video that would confirm the false information, leaving only the final moments of the bomber crash.

Once the news was shared in Aviapro, the Russian media took the story and presented it as credible. In addition to Aviapro, the news and video were shared in a dozen other Russian online media, and the Russian search engine Yandex indexed on the first page articles entitled “B-2 Spirit crashed …”, “Video of the crashed B-2 appeared …”, “The crash of B-2 was filmed …”, which is not true. There was no crash. There was an incident with some of the bomber systems.

What happened on September 14th?

As we wrote, there was no crash of the American bomber, but an accident during landing. B-2 Spirit tried to land on the track. At some point after landing, a problem occurred, we assume with the controllable system of the bomber, which forced him to deviate to the right of the runway to stop in the lawns next to it.

There must be damaged, but the Air Force declined to comment. The crew was injured and left the cabin on their own. There was no ejection, there were no fires or burning materials, there were no explosions and horrific footage, which exists in the click-byte marketing of the Russian media.

Photo credit: Wikipedia, The Drive, Aviapro and own design

The photo we have attached to this text clearly shows the location of the bomber after the incident. Various rescue teams can be seen, but it can be seen that unlike the “authentic Russian photographs”, the bomber is intact and there is no sign of panic or huge smoke screens.

There are currently 20 active bombers in the US Air Force, with 19 remaining actives after the incident. The US plans to withdraw the B-2 Spirit from active service during this and the next decade, with the latest B-21 Ryder bomber taking over active service.


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