Israel begins to arm its latest corvettes with the Iron Dome

TEL AVIV, ($1=3.21 Israeli Shekels) – The Israeli defense company Israel Aerospace Industries [IAI] begins to install Barak MX anti-aircraft missile systems on all four Sa`ar 6 corvettes intended for the Israeli Navy, learned This is stated in the publication of the portal Navy Recognition. All four ships of this type were built in Germany and arrived in Israel without any weapons system.

The Israeli Ministry of Defense wants to usher in its naval forces in a “new technological era.” The Israeli Defense Ministry also wants to get a kind of “floating batteries” to protect coastal facilities and facilities in the exclusive maritime zone.

Therefore, in terms of anti-aircraft weapons for Sa`ar 6 corvettes, the choice fell on the latest Barak MX anti-aircraft missile systems, which also use ground forces and the air force of the Israeli Armed Forces.

Such “unification” will simplify logistics, and at the same time simplify the creation of a unified air defense system, which in case of threat should cover large areas of the country.

The Barak MX anti-aircraft missile system is by no means the only weapon system to be installed on Sa`ar 6 corvettes.

For example, as has already written, the latest light anti-ship missile Sea Breaker will be included in the armament of ships of this type.

The peculiarity of this missile is the hard disk of the computer of this RCC three-dimensional [3D] optoelectronic “portraits” of all civilian ships and warships, and so the missile received a sufficient level of “intelligence” to hit enemy ships without a separate operator PKR.

It should also be added that the set of weapons of Sa`ar 6 ships should include a “ship” version of the system “Iron Dome” – Dome-C.

Sa’ar 6 warships:

  • water substitution – up to 1900 tons;
  • body length – 90 meters;
  • speed and range – 26 knots per hour, 2500 miles;
  • full set of weapons – one 76-mm gun, 16 anti-ship missiles [probably Gabriel 5], two 324-mm torpedoes, 40 vertical launchers for the air defense system C-Dome [aka “Iron Dome”]

More about the anti-ship missile Sea Breaker

Raphael’s new Israeli anti-ship missile, the Sea Breaker, must effectively hit surface and ground targets at distances of up to 300 km. The new RCC belongs to the fifth generation of weapons, equipped with an on-board computer that allows the use of artificial intelligence with algorithms for finding, recognizing targets, and autonomous [without operator intervention] decision-making when choosing a target for its destruction.

The Sea Breaker missile, developed in Israel, belongs to the ship-to-ship class: it can be launched from a ship and a PU shore. The flight of the marching section is performed at the subsonic speed [M 0.85-0.9] at a wave height [Sea Skimmer] of two to five meters, depending on the state of the sea. The missile is controlled by a multispectral infrared GOS. The glider is made of stealth technology from radio-transparent and radio-absorbing materials [individual elements of the fuselage, shielding parts, and GOS], which makes it difficult to detect the missile from enemy radar.

The rocket is equipped with a miniature twin-circuit turbojet engine TRI 60 from Safran Microturbo with a thrust of 3.73 kN with a digital control system. Sea Breaker is classified as a fifth-generation long-range anti-ship missile system due to computer control and analysis systems using artificial intelligence. This concept is laid down in the TTZ in advance. Israeli developers also planned the new rocket to work at any time and, if possible, autonomously.

According to Rafael experts, RCC is quite compact: its diameter is 300 mm, length – 3980 mm with degradable carbon-fiber wings. With such a small size, the missile can travel distances of up to 300 km, using natural shelters: terrain, islands, and coastline.

In addition, since the flight at such a distance may take more than 20 minutes, the missile can establish secure two-way communication with the control center, which, using GOS radiation from the missile to the operator’s console, can regulate the flight, interrupt the mission, reassess the situation and change the goal.


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